I decided to do something lighter than my usual and I am not sure how it is going but here is an excerpt


Dinner was just about ready when one of my busboys came in.  Calling Hershel a boy was a bit of a stretch.  Ya see his people don’t have sexes, not really but what can you expect from a race evolved from Broccoli.  Okay something that looks like broccoli.  He was a great busboy but keep him away from the salad.  I mean it; you don’t want to know what he does!


Well Hershel told me that the tables were all set and that my guests had arrived.  “Guests? What guests?”  After pulling the turkey from the oven and putting the rolls into bake I wiped my hands and pushed my way through the swinging doors.


“Hey there big brother!”  I stopped in shock as I spotted not just Mikey but the whole damn clan!  I mean there was Mikey, Johnny, Whitey and little sister Sarah.


I stood with my jaw hanging as I counted heads.  There were the brothers, their spouses and kids, all standing just outside my galley.  Twenty-seven McHards from all over and I was in shock.  My jaw dropped further when a voice I had never thought to hear from again spoke up.


Pushing her way past tall and short cousins, brothers, sister in laws, nieces and nephews was the grand dame of the clan, Mary Margaret Gillcrest McHard, She had not left the homestead for as long as I could remember.  Told me when I went off to space that I was disowned.


“Grandma Mary?”


She came toward me and took my hands.  Looking me up and down, she shook her head and sighed.  “Thirty years boy.  Thirty years and you never come back and visit?”


I tried to say something but my jaw just flapped.  She grinned and wrapped her arms about me and hugged me like I was still the little boy at her knee.  “Lord above we missed you, boyo.  So show me this kitchen I have heard so much about.”


I let her lead me about just like I had when I was a sprattling and she was the head of the homestead.  She had been pushing one hundred back then and I never expected to see her again once I left home.  I mean yeah we are a long lived bunch but she was well past the age that put you in the dirt.


She was still spry, I could tell by her step.  Yes she leaned on a cane but she should have been in a rocking chair on a porch back home, not stomping her way across the deck to my kitchen.  I managed to catch up and open the doors to my sanctum sanctorum before she bustled through.  I waved off the rest of the clan, leaving them in the hands of my busboys to get settled down around the tables.  Okay might not have been wise to leave my clan to mingle with the incoming space station staff but what was I do to?


Grandma Mary stepped through and paused as she took in the gleaming palace of culinary delights I had put together over the years of working on the station.  She smiled and then went from place to place, Checking a pot here, nodding at the ovens there.  I was both proud and nervous.  This one tiny woman had taught me the basics of my craft so many years ago.  What would she think of the equipment that was far from what she used back home.


After a long moment she turned and smiled.  “My boy you have done well haven’t ye?”  She gestured at the simmering pots and nodded.  “Everything is nearly ready isn’t it?”  She started toward my quarters to take a look.


See I have everything in one place.  Kitchen,, hydroponics and of course my sleeping space are all in the same place.