As a lot of you know I have been a part of a lot of different anthologies this past year.  The fun part about this of course is new places to put my work and well new things to write about.  The down side is of course if the book doesn’t do well then people don’t see my work.

Not that I will take anything away from the wonderful collections I have been part of.  They are stimulating environments to write in for sure.  From poetry collections that raise awareness and money for charities to fun seasonal anthologies with themes to writing group anthologies I have a handful of fun tales that are only available in those books.

What I have decided is while all those anthologies are available on they are not available on the other ebook retailers that exist out there.   So since these tales won’t be seen on say Barnes and Noble, I am going to slowly release them over on B&N and ITunes till I have everything out there for purchase.

Of course you are asking why not KOBO?  At the moment KOBO is pulling all self published authors due to one woman’s really bad fiction that has caused an uproar around the planet.  Once they settle down I will go back and put in any of my tales that are not showing there.

But back to my work.  The first one I decided to put up is A Different Kind of Hunt.  This story is found in the Dark Minds Anthology on Amazon (and that is a really nice book!) I have put it up on B&N and ITunes using Draft2Digital and I have it up over on Smashwords.  It is working its way through their process to hit the other retailers that they have contracts with.

But if you wish to pick up this fun tale of shape shifters, cruel villagers and choice then go here

As always my story is only 99 cents and I have added this to the Worlds Apart short story series.