I spent part of my afternoon yesterday making audio recordings of my poetry.  Yes my actual voice reading the poems I have written.  I started with my Seasons of My Mind poetry in an attempt to hopefully get some readers to purchase this book.  I wrote these poems and took the photographs in the book so I thought why not read my poems?  As an example or two I thought I would put these sound recordings up on my blog here but it seems I can’t so I have to figure out how to put them elsewhere and connect them here later.  So I figure I will give you a couple of my poems and try again in a bit.



Autumn’s hand is on the leaves,
the trees are slowing down,
soon the long winter sleep will come,
will I find my heart frozen?
Or will I change like the leaves?

Lisa Williamson © 1998


Fall Musings

Walking in the street
finding beauty
in places unexpected
flowers in a slat…..

A barrel in the rain
with light falling soft
a bird flutters down
and takes a drink…..



Wind through the leaves
whispering little voices
swiftly turning darkness
the time of endings is near

Samhaim is an end
to the natural year
get yourself ready
for winter is near

Lisa Willamson © 2011


Fall Musiings was written last year but I haven’t put in the copyright symbol yet.  All three of these are found in my Seasons of My Mind poetry collection.