With all the various ways of publishing I have of course looked about for new places to offer tales in hopes of finding an audience.  Over the past few months I have been surprised to find that most of my sales have not come from Amazon.  In fact they have come from Barnes and Noble.  Now this surprises me.  You see I rarely if ever post up plugs for my books including the links to B&N.  Yet without any advertising at all I have made 8-% of my sales there.

At first I thought it was funny because it seemed that only my erotica sold over there but in the past two months my other fiction has been gathering readers over there.  This to me is a wonderful and amazing thing.  You see a sale is a sale.  I will take sales where I can find them of course.

I hope that who ever these readers are will go back and review my work but I know that might not happen.  I have been happily pounding away on my keyboard, writing even more fiction.  We will see if I continue to trend of 20 or sales a month or not.  I am happy for each and every sale I see for sure.

Now since you dealt with my babblefest about publishing how about an excerpt from a book that you won’t find on Amazon?


This is from Sudden Disappearances, the novella I wrote that you can find in Guardians of the Gate City, collection book one



The guys discussed water fae and nixies and such as I drove.  I didn’t add much because I had some hard thinking to do.  The city had changed more than I had realized over the past year.  When I had gone to the Guardian council to put in requests they had told me that resources were short and to look around me for back up.  If the other cities in the state were seeing the same type of up tick of incidents the state would be in for a world of confusion.  In all the years I had been guarding this city I had not had so many newcomers and bad issues popping up.  Hell in the past year since the Eternals left town I had seen more trouble than in the twenty years before and I had the bad feeling that I had seen nothing yet.


I cut down Canal street and worked my way past the late evening traffic.  The sun had set while we were underground which meant that the Ruskalka would be awake.  Generally from what I understood they didn’t go hunting till after the witching hour so we had a bit of play time.  Concidering how many she had taken in the past few days she should be nearly torpid with a full belly but I had a feeling that was just not true.  After all when would I be that lucky?  I pulled into the lot by the skate park and bailed out of the truck.  I let the guys keep up their discussion as I opened up the case in the back.


Seems like every time I got my kit updated some new thing would move into town.  I was going to have to think about getting a bigger unit back here, maybe put a cap on and set up shelving and cabinets.  I am sure Fred would love that.  My mechanic had been bugging me to let him do some customizing on the old truck and it had mostly been lack of funds keeping me from doing it.


Sheldon bounced up and into the bed of the truck and looked over my stash.  There was an edge of greed clear in his eyes, after all he had never seen the things that a Guardian would cart around with them.  He kept his hands behind his back senisbly and I watched as his head whipped back and forth.  “Whoa Harry.  You have some great toys in here.  Is that what I think it is?”  He pointed to the portible circle that Lady Katherine had made up for me.


I lifted a brow and he grinned like a kid.  “What you know I love toys?”  He pointed to the clamps that held my blades when I brought them along.  “Where are they Harry?  Come on you told me I would get to see them.”


I rolled my eyes and sighed.  “Really bud, now?”  Why the heck was he suddenly acting so weird?  “You know I don’t keep them with me all the time.  Now is not the time. ”


“Are you kidding?  Those hunks of metal would probably settle any issues she might give you.”


If you liked that little bit but don’t want to pick up the collect you can pick up just this novella at a new place i found to publish things.