Okay this is part of my Space Station Tales.  Those fun little free stories I have set up all over the web.  This is supposed be be part of an anthology that I hope comes out this year.


Guess who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner!

A Space Station Tale

By Lisa Williamson

Every culture has some type of harvest festival.  A time when everyone comes together to give thanks for a bountiful growing season.  They are tied to the autumnal seasons planetside but when you are out in the deep dark without a world below, it can be difficult to plan a festival of thanksgiving.

When I was a sprattling living back in the Mother world we picked fruit, ate pies and stuffed ourselves with turkey.  What is turkey you ask?  Well it was a big bird, a fowl that we baked or roasted or fried.  We would fill it with stuffing and enjoy a harvest meal.  Now I know a lot of you were born on ships or grew up on worlds far from here but as kids we used to look forward to this feast of food that came each year.  It was a time when all your far-flung cousins would come and you got to play and talk and celebrate family.

Of course we are on a station and when making a feast you have to remember not everyone eats meat.  Sure surprised me how many vegans there were out here.  No I don’t mean those tale green skinned highbrow types, I mean people who won’t eat meat.  They have no idea what they are missing.  A fine juicy drumstick or the moist white breast meat filling up your plate, oh my was it good.  Stuffing filled with all kinds of good stuff like apples or cranberries and herbs.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.


Over the years of running this place I have had to come up with some really out there meals.  Each traveler wants that taste of home when they come to celebrate here in the deep dark.  I have made yams into a dozen different dishes.  Moon cakes of all kinds fill my kitchen and the pasta seems to over flow and that is just for the humans who stop by to eat.

Finding a Denebian crawfish thingie to stew up or a Venusian swiggle worm, well it gets interesting.  Usually I have to start to bartering months in advance and let me tell you it gets pricey.  Made me really glad that we were down to a skeleton crew this year.

See being the chief cook and bottle washer along with the head of hydroponics means I get all those requests for a taste of home.  I can work what seems like a miracle at times but just once I wanted to put together a meal that was purely from my old, old home.