One of the great things about using D2D to self publish your work is you can set the publication date on your project.  I have uploaded the manuscript after the nice editing jobs my two beta readers did.  I did the tweaks on the cover, which you can see here.  My hubby recommended using a larger font and of course he was right.

traveler  I have to say I do like my cover.  Hopefully the readers will too.

Then I put my blurb out there for tweaks from my fabulous writer friends and you can see what we are using now.


Edana is the finest courier in the Six kingdoms. With her black stallion Midnight, she has built a reputation. But a robbery attempt and cursed blade turn her world upside down.

Now fighting for her life, Edana must rely on unexpected friends and kind-hearted strangers who introduce Magic and Prophecy into her life. Tales of elves, dwarves and elementals are proving true.

Is Edana really who they say she is? Can she really bring closure to an ages old tragedy? Or will events that took place before her birth doom her and all who love her to utter destruction?


Then I went through the formatting on D2D and made sure that they will read cleanly.  While Smashwords does not allow you to do things like headers, D2D does so that helped the formatting keep my chapters they way I wanted them.

So everything is a go and The Traveler will be up for your purchasing pleasure on 11/27/13….pick up a copy and see how Magic and Prophecy can really make a tale.