Yup been working on another novel as many of you know.  I thought I would just pop up a bit of what I have for you to read.  I am worried that I am moving too fast here but it will work out right?


“Now it does not matter Daughter.  Now it is time to remove the taint from your lover and join you together as was meant to be.”  He waved a hand and light sprang up about us, infusing our bodies.  My eyes closed as a warmth I had not felt in centuries filled me, opening my heart and soul back up to the power of the universe.  My clothing dissolved as my hair slid out of the pins holding it and slithered down my body in a fall of molten silver.  Laughter filled me before I bent forward and felt my skin tear with a pleasurable pain beyond any other.


My wings, my long lost and longed for wings burst out of the tattoos and scars of my back.  I stretched them forth with a glad cry, feeling every feather respond to my joy.  I was once again whole.


I turned to look at my love and my jaw dropped open as I gasped.  Davic was bent backwards as the sun ate through his skin. Where my transformation held only a momentary pain it looked as if he was being tortured.


His skin flamed and ashed as I watched.  He fell to his knees, a scream of ultimate suffering filling the temple, of rage and horror and shame and all those things that centuries of living as a killer had wrought upon his soul.  As I watched each sin was pulled out and burned out of his soul.  I could see his bones through the power that filled the temple.  Finally as the light grew almost too bright for even my eyes to see he flung back his head and stretched his arms out with a cry different from the rest.


Wings of black silk broke from his bronzed skin and stretched high into the air.  He screamed again, this time in a rage that I understood only too well.  He then stood, turned and faced me in all his naked glory.  He was complete and I saw in his eyes the memories of all the times we had, of our life before my brother’s treachery and the days we had just lived.  “My love.”



Loved writing that scene.  I hope it stays!