Yup I do change things as the work goes on.  I enjoy fleshing things out so that they punch you in the gut (or so i hope).  So here is another bit from Where Angels No Longer Tread


These modern replacements for the horse were a wonder that I fully enjoyed.  Riding on mine was the closest I had come to flying in many long years.  When I was past the outlying towns that were a part of the metropolitan area I opened her up and sped toward my destination.  It would be days away but when my brother reached for me he would find me coming closer.


Thankfully my reflexes are better than a humans.  I was distracted by new and old memories as I drove.  Focusing on what Davic had stirred in me would be a pleasant torture that I really did not have the leisure to enjoy but I found myself comparing him to Notus and finding they were much the same.  Somehow I had found a man who could compare to my long lost love.  Finding him now was a sweet sadness that filled hours for me but I pulled my mind from those thoughts as I passed from one state to the next.  The long rolling hills rose to mountains and I paused briefly in one of the passes.  I watched as a single eagle flew silently above me and my heart stuttered in longing.  My dearest wish was to once again ride the winds above the land, like my smaller cousins still do.  Mankind now covers the world but there are still places lonely enough for an Ariel to fly free.


I sat and watched that eagle fly and fed from the true source of nourishment for my kind.  Here the woods were still wild and clean.  Miles away there were men working to clear the last of a field before the snows truly came but here there was only the occasional truck speeding past.  The sun had climbed in the sky till it hit its crest and I could just barely hear the laughter of the winds.  Small birds would drop down and sing to me as I sat there for a long time.  I could have spent days just sitting there but time was moving and I needed to follow it.  Sighing I started the motorcycle back up and headed down from the pass into the next state.


Over the centuries I have traveled all over the planet.  Being dragged from one place to another by the various men who thought they owned me had been difficult but it had been one kind master who had finally set me free.  He had come to understand during the war against slavery that owning any being was wrong.  I do not claim that I suffered like those humans who had been bartered like cattle but I had been a slave longer than any of them could ever understand.  I suffered in ways that they would not for they were rarely kept caged I am sure.  I spent a human lifetime in a gilded cage, forced to sing for fat men who then paid to use my body.


Being bought and sold for the magic in my blood, the song that I could sing and finally for my slender form was much the same though.  My owners all knew that I was not human and had held that tight to their breasts, believing that they were not bad because I was not another human.  It took the son of my last owner really to teach him the difference.  I had been let go, given a settlement and asked to forget them.  I took the settlement but I never forgot the final kindness of freedom.


Just an interlude in the road.