As a writer you can never take a day off really.  Yes I have a new novel out as of yesterday and it is doing well so far.  I have finished up the writing part of Where Angels No Longer Tread and I am waiting for pre readers to have time to read it over.  So I have moved on to my next WIP.  Whether To Save Face or Family is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance.  I have half a novel done on this one and I thought I would post a bit of it here.


That evening Destiny slipped out of the house and headed off.  Donovan had been filled in on the parts of the house to keep the girls out of and she had gotten promises from both Aileen and Monica to listen to what he told them. They would be safe while she was gone.  And that was all that was important.


Heading down through the forest, she made for an animal track that was barely distinguishable from the surrounding brush.  Smiling, she slid into the overgrowth and ran the length of it to a small cave.  Slowing, she stepped inside and nodded.  It was still where she left it.  And it had been cared for.


She ran a glove-covered hand over the leather of the motorcycle’s seat.  It was an old piece of machinery but one she trusted.  She flipped a flashlight of her belt and played the beam over the vehicle.  Checking it for anything out of place, she was surprised by the envelope she found inside the saddlebag.   It was made of heavy, bonded paper and she moved outside as she slit it open.


Don’t worry about the Eagle.  It will carry you fine.

Time is coming for the accounting.  Return with your

younger quickly.  I will be in touch.




Destiny stared down at the embossed paper.  The letter at the end of the note made her shiver inside.  “He’s dead.  They said he was dead.”  She looked about and then crushed the paper in her fingers and flung it away from her.  It didn’t matter.  She had a mission to complete.  The plans of a man who had been missing for years had nothing to do with her.  Striding back into the cave, she wheeled the old Eagle Motorcycle into the setting sunlight and started it up.


Just a taste of what I am working on here.