The past week I have been a bad writer.  Sitting back and just enjoying the season is not what we are supposed to do is it?  Okay who cares, right?  I have needed a good break and I have had it.

Though I haven’t been sitting back and doing nothing though.  A dear friend who is also a writer hired me to do a number of book covers for her.  yes I do make covers for people.  so far I have made her five different covers and I am working on a paperback version of one of those covers too.  As she has not released them all yet I have no real right to put them up but I thought I would put up the final of my own cover that will be out for sale sometime next month.  This is the final copy of the cover for Where Angels No Longer Tread


angels  As you can see I have changed the font colors and added the series title.  Hopefully this will attract attention.

Okay I am going to be is one of the covers I did for my friend