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New cover

Well as I got permission to publish two of the Gates stories and of course have to work on covers for them.  This morning I spent a lot of time searching for the images I needed.  so taking a bit from here and a bit from there I have come up with a cover that speaks to part of this tale.

The Last Moonset was originally published way back in the year of 1999.  I published it under my then married name of Lisa Prior in the collection Outside Reality: Inside Dreams.  That was a CD rom book that tanked big time.  My first experience (and the two others since) with a small press publisher was NOT a good thing.  This was of course before the explosion of ebooks.

Now The Last Moonset is a short story and I won a contest with it.  There is a sequel to it that at the moment can only be read if you buy the collection, Gates:  From one reality to the next.  But back to Moonset.

This story was inspired by a painting by an artist with the last name Valient.  I still have a copy of the image but as he/she is a professional artist I can not use that image of course.  So I hunted up what I could and put this together.



Annoyed with publishers

Okay normally I use this blog to just post up book covers and drabbles but i thought why not just blog about other things?

See as you know I have two publishers and I self publish a lot of what I write.  Well I had to contact both of my publishers over the weekend.  One of them was annoying but enlightening nd the other, well the other just ignored me yet again.

Just fiction is the publisher that owns my collection Gates.  I finally got through to them and found out they plan on holding onto my work for five years.  Yes I said five years!  Not at all what i expected.  See in the contract it stated if sales dropped below 50 my stories would come back to me.  Well according to them they don’t have to give them back unless they decide to and they have decided to keep them.  that annoyed me but on the upside they did tell me that I can publish 20% so I will be putting up Descents and the Last Moonset  as soon as I get covers made up.

As for my second publisher, Juicy Erotica, I was told I would be getting my payment of royalties.  Well that was  almost two weeks ago and guess what?  Still no payment.  So any of you who are interested in my erotic collection, Naughty Interludes?  Well don’t get it.  I am not getting paid for my work and I swear I am going to look into legal action soon if I don’t.

And onward to other things.  As we know I love Draft2Digital.  They are a great service and they pay promptly, get my stuff up to the four etailers they service and respond right away when you email customer service.  so I am not mad at them but I am wondering what the hell is up with Amazon and the titles pending.  Usually they post up in a day or so and we are almost a week since I put up three tales.  A week?  Most of use would say that isn’t so bad but I am wondering what the hell is up.  Should I email customer service or just wait a couple more days?  I just don’t know.

I will give it till my big 50 and then I will email them.  I plan on getting those covers done for all my pending stories.  Maybe having new stuff will perk back up my sales.  No one has bought a copy of anything in two weeks.  I was hoping to keep up the 45 sales a month but so far, nope.  Here is hoping.

the finale on Fall Into Nightmares Cover

Here are is the finale cover


been a busy little cover creator

Okay I changed up the font on Nightmares and then I decided to make a few more.  Well mostly make a few more.  They aren’t totally done but they will be soon.

and-darkness nightmares-cover-3 snow winter-comes - Copy

Now just a few more to go…Once I finish up these and I can post the stories up.

updating Fall Into Nightmares cover

A number of nice writers that I know have told me that I need to change the  font on Nightmares, so I m trying out things.  So her e is what I came up with?  Should I use this one?


New book covers for upcoming titles

Yup finally sat down and started to work on my own covers.  I have so many I need to do between yet to be published stories and those that REALLY need better covers.  So I decided to work on a few while I had time and energy.

One of the things you need to do is make sure you have is the best font for the type story you are publishing.  Also you better make sure you remember to put in the subtitle if you are doing a series.  As you all know I write a lot of different tales that are grouped together in different series.  I have five Magic and Nightmares short stories, four Death Walks Through, and one each of Space Station Tales and Echoes of Elder Times.  Yes I have more pending but these are completely written and all then need is another editing pass and of course covers.

Well today I made covers for two of these pending tales.  The First is for Guess Who Is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner.  This is the next in the Space Station Tales series.  I have been holding it pending an anthology that doesn’t seem like it will be coming out now.  So I will put up this tale but hold off on the Amazon posting till I know it is dead over there.

guess  As you can see I have stuck with the theme I have had on the other covers.   This is a fun little tale, like the others, short and science fiction.  Okay soft science fiction but fun.

The second cover is for a tale that I pulled out of my own teenage years.  Cemetery Games is one of my Magic and Nightmares short stories.    This series of stories will be a mixed bag of tales that deal with the darker side of magic.  More horror stories light.

cemetary  This tale was also meant for the same anthology.  So don’t expect it to show up on Amazon for a time.   I will be putting them up on Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, ITunes and Smashwords.  I will post up the other covers and stories ar I finish them.

Working on covers again

I really need to work on the covers for those stories I finished.  Eleven titles that need covers and I do have a clue what to do on them.  That isn’t totally a bad thing.  It means I need to sit down and work.  Yes I have been off a lot lately.  I got my PR out and hopefully people will decide they want to read it.  But now it is time to decide which images I need to use to make covers for Cemetery Games, Guess Who is coming to Thanksgiving Dinner, And Darkness Claims It All, Secrets Can Be Deadly and more.

Coming up with new covers can be a tricky thing.  Since the upcoming titles are all parts of my various series I am trying to work out covers that will show they are series but be different enough to catch attention.  Now I have some images I plan on using bits from.


blood_cem_blob_single_orb-1 death shadow pest house pine-hill2-web shdow tomb 1 tomb 2  Now to just come up with those covers….