I really need to work on the covers for those stories I finished.  Eleven titles that need covers and I do have a clue what to do on them.  That isn’t totally a bad thing.  It means I need to sit down and work.  Yes I have been off a lot lately.  I got my PR out and hopefully people will decide they want to read it.  But now it is time to decide which images I need to use to make covers for Cemetery Games, Guess Who is coming to Thanksgiving Dinner, And Darkness Claims It All, Secrets Can Be Deadly and more.

Coming up with new covers can be a tricky thing.  Since the upcoming titles are all parts of my various series I am trying to work out covers that will show they are series but be different enough to catch attention.  Now I have some images I plan on using bits from.


blood_cem_blob_single_orb-1 death shadow pest house pine-hill2-web shdow tomb 1 tomb 2  Now to just come up with those covers….