Well as I got permission to publish two of the Gates stories and of course have to work on covers for them.  This morning I spent a lot of time searching for the images I needed.  so taking a bit from here and a bit from there I have come up with a cover that speaks to part of this tale.

The Last Moonset was originally published way back in the year of 1999.  I published it under my then married name of Lisa Prior in the collection Outside Reality: Inside Dreams.  That was a CD rom book that tanked big time.  My first experience (and the two others since) with a small press publisher was NOT a good thing.  This was of course before the explosion of ebooks.

Now The Last Moonset is a short story and I won a contest with it.  There is a sequel to it that at the moment can only be read if you buy the collection, Gates:  From one reality to the next.  But back to Moonset.

This story was inspired by a painting by an artist with the last name Valient.  I still have a copy of the image but as he/she is a professional artist I can not use that image of course.  So I hunted up what I could and put this together.