This came from a comment on one of my discussion boards.  We were talking about pop music and my mind went to pop music magic…and a weird story was born.  Soon to be put for sale but here is the cover and a bit of the tale

changes  Had fun with this one for sure.


“Five hundred years can make the commonplace into something out of myths.  What science can’t understand could very well be magic.”  Dissertation on magic and music by Professor Mark Carlisle




“Really, David, where did you get this crackpot idea?”


David grumbled as he looked over his shoulder at his friend and classmate Charlie.  The tall, gawky redhead was always full of snide comments.  Why he asked to follow David on his little expedition he had not idea.  Better yet, why had David said yes?  “It isn’t a crackpot idea.  Marjorie said that Prof Carlisle taught a whole course about how bards from the time used songs to do all kinds of things.


“Like what?” Charlie leaned back against one of the crumbling old tombstones.  He buffed his nails against the psuedo-leather of his jacket, hiding a smile.  “Really magic was only found in movies back in the 20th and 21st centuries.  There were no mages or bards during the Age of Rationalism.”


David shook his head and whipped out a small archaic notebook and flipped to a page in the center.  “According to research done by Professor Carlisle and his assistants there is plenty of evidence of Pop Music Magic in the records.  From one singer becoming rich by calling down “Diamonds” to the common attraction spell of “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” I have hundreds of examples here.”



Well that is enough for now.  Time to work on the four Death Walks Through covers I need to do.