Yup I am busy publishing those backlogged stories.  Today I put up Secrets Can Be Deadly an Cha-cha-changes.  That gets Magic and Nightmares up to five tales in total, which is cool.  I have three more Death Walks Through Tales to go up and well that number is a lot more.  I have eleven up all ready, so this will bring that series up to fourteen!  Crazy don’t you think?  The tales are on the sad side this time around.  Here are the first pages of each tale


Okay this first one is written a bit different for me.  I have the story going back and forth between two views…

I Can’t Love you Anymore

A Death Walks Through short story

By Lisa Williamson




That night we fought, what about I cannot remember.  Something stupid I am sure, something that really did not matter but now it does.  When you left, slamming your way out the door, I stood in shock.  It took me too long to move and by then it was too late.  You drove off into the sunset in that old pickup with the missing tailgate.


You reached the road by the time I ran out the door but that did not stop me from running after you.  I know I thought if you saw me in the rearview you would stop and we could talk it out.  That I could say I was sorry, that I trusted you but you were all ready gone.


I went back inside, thought I would grab my keys and follow you.  After all there were only a few places you would go.  I knew if we just let ourselves cool down and talk we would go back to that special place that was just us.  No one telling us we were wrong for each other or that we should just move on.


By the time I got my keys and got into my car it was too late.  You were more upset than you let on.  They said you weren’t paying attention, that you didn’t see it coming and that it was instant.  So I should not feel the pain?  They had no idea that it was all my fault.


The police wouldn’t let me see you, kept me back as they brought you out.  Too bad they just did not leave me along.  I saw the sheet draped form as they slid you into the van.  The ring on your hand glinted in the blood red sun and I dropped to the ground, crying out your name.


The funeral was hard.  The world should have stopped but it didn’t.  The sky should have rained down like the tears on my cheeks, but the sun shone.  I stood there longer than even your family, was there when they lowered you into the ground.  My brother had to drag me away back to the home we shared.


This next one is a bit more depressing but again I wanted to show a soul taking that final step…

No more the smiles

A Death Walks Through short story

by Lisa Williamson


Sighing, she turned from the window and went to bed. There was little reason to wait up. No one was coming, for no one really cared. The long hours alone were all she had to look forward to, for no one would be coming to her. No one wanted to hold her close, not for real. They looked to her for comfort, for wisdom and for someone to care for them, but when she asked for a little in return she got nothing, and nothing was what she expected.


Slipping out of the clothes she wore in the day, she slipped on a simple shirt. It was large and soft, old and thin from many washings. Though it could no possibly hold the scent anymore, she inhaled softly, her eyes closed. Once it belonged to one she thought loved her, thought cared if she existed, but now she knew better. The sad smile crossed her features as she lay once more in the large and empty bed.


A single prayer sent up for what, she had no idea. Maybe it was a chance or maybe just for a little peace, she didn’t care. She knew her days would never change. For it wasn’t her fate. Her fate was to serve and give, that was all.


And this third one  started out life as a totally different tale.  More a cursed fantasy tale but the characters took the tale in their teeth and it went a different way…

If The Shadows Could Speak

a Death Walks Through short story

By Lisa Williamson


She tossed and turned, dreams haunting what little sleep she had found.  Nothing could hold them back other than the sleeping pill lying on the table by the bed.  Opening her eyes she sighed and once more reached for the crutch.  The thing that let her have just enough sleep to function in the daylight hours.


Dry swallowing the bitter pill, she lay back and waited for it to take effect.  She hated the feeling that stole over her body, that dizzying loss of control.  If only she could sleep naturally but that little comfort had been taken away from her a month before, on the day he left, never to return.


She felt her eyes growing heavy and like every night her eyes slid toward her door.   The shadows were the deepest there, away from the windows.  She whispered, almost too softly for herself to hear.  “Goodnight, beloved.”  Her eyes slid shut, as her mind told her that the shadows nodded.




Watching her from the corner, he sighed inside the hood of shadows.  He was saddened by her state.  It was entirely his fault, he knew that.  If had had stayed, if he had paid attention to her fears, they would be lying together but in his arrogance he had not listened.


Sighing softly he stepped toward her, the shadows moving with him.  A month before life had been easy, had been normal.  Yes, he admitted, there had been odd moments but their life was closer to perfection than he had ever thought possible.   Now it was shattered past all mending.


I have one more Death Walks Through tale to make a cover for but I am stuck on what to do for Undying Tricksters.  I will put it up once I figure it out.