Well for all you fans of my Guardians of the Gate City series and of Sheldon in particular I have started a new tale with our favorite dragon as the lead character.  I had been doing some fun research on one of my all time favorite animals, the NorthAmerican Gray Fox and I got hit between the eyes with a story.

See the gray fox is a cousin of that wily critter, the red fox.  The Gray fox is much more intriguing to me though.  While i have written a bit here and there with fox characters in it. (Yes i know but Kitsunes are foxes right?) I thought it would be fun to do a tale with a shifter from this distinctly american cousin of the red fox.

As per my research on Wikipedia


The Gray fox is found mostly in the Northeastern part of the American Continent.  up the stomping grounds of Harry and Sheldon are in the right place for this.  The Gray Fox is being pushed out by the movement of the red fox.  Sad but true.  But this particular fox is a wily beast for sure.  They are the only canid that can climb trees!  In fact they commonly lair 30 feet off the ground in trees.  Isn’t that cool?

Well my twisted mind came up with a tale with a good reason why one of these very shy creatures would head into the city to look for help.  And who else would be able to dig up information for a lady in distress trying to hold onto her family lands?  Well Sheldon of course.  If there is information out there in any form, Sheldon will find it.  It is what he lives for.  And to be able to do something for a pretty lady that even Harry couldn’t do?  Well you can imagine how excited he would be.

I have a new little friend being introduced in this tale, a sort of side kick for our Lore Seeker.  You will have to wait to meet him but i think you, my reader, will like Charlie.

Now how about a little excerpt?  I have only just written this down on paper, so this is the very roughest of rough drafts.


Sheldon sat back on his tail and studied the client before him.  She was dressed elegantly in a sharply tailor suit of dark tray wool with a gleemingly white silk blouse underneath.  The blouse’s mandarin collar caressed a slender throat of burnished bronze.

She had her hair pulled back in a complicate knot held in place by a piece of filigree silver.  It was an odd grizled red that looked out of place with her smooth skin but it was her eyes that gave her away.  A rich golden color that no human would have without special contract, they held a sly humor beneath the intensity.  “I am told you can find anything, Lore Seeker.”

Sheldon lifted a brow, hiding the glee at the title the woman used.  His brothers refused to give him a title and most of his clients just used his name.  There was  a bit of respect he could hear in her voice and he like that.  “Yes, if it has been written down, I can find it.  Just what can I help you find, Miss?


Short bit I know but I need to type up the rest.  This tale is zooming by.  Which is a good thing.  For some reason Destiny and her friends just don’t want to come together like they should, so I will be taking them off the current work list till they gel better.

If I am lucky I will be able to complete a few more shorts in the Side Stories line and get them out to you readers this month.