Fantasy, like all genres, has its tropes, as i have said before.  We expect in classic fantasy to come across Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, magic users, sword slingers and rangers.  We expect our monsters to be goblins or trolls or best of them all Dragaons.

We see them quite often as the big, bad hording creatures.  The fabulous version most recently shown was of coure Smaug, in the Hobbit (both book and movie)  He is big, beautiful and he does not like anyone getting into his cavern.  Never mind that he destroyed a city, stole that cavern from an entire culture of people, it is his.  They are cats built on the extreme.  We all think that way.

Thanks to some classic writers of fiction we have come to see that they are intelligent, if still monsters in many ways.  It took Authors like Anne McCaffrey to give us dragons that were not evil.  They were still huge but now they spoke to us like human beings, okay telepathic ones but still.  Slowly these monsters evolved into something else.  Other writers of course have had dragons more recently.

Mercedes Lackey has them are over loads in her Aerie books, still big and definitely closer to the evil stereotype.  From a smaller press author we have them as a more tragic and heroic creature.  JD Hallowell (go read him I loved his book) has them bonded from the egg with their rider.  A really interesting take to be sure.

Well as the weird writer that I am I of course wanted to do different dragons.  I asked myself why is it that they are always portrayed as these huge creatures?  Why if they are good are they portrayed with a Methuselah type knowledge?  For all the dragons I have read in my years and years of reading fantasy have either been evil despots types or the wise elder types.  Always huge yet hiding in plain sight.

In this modern world having a thirty to hundred foot lizard would attract a hell of a lot of attention.  Even if they were smarter than Stephen Hawkins they would be found in this world of satellites and cell phones.  So of course I came up with Sheldon.  A dragon that is only about six feet long in his dragon form…maybe ten with all the tail.  A young, enthusiastic seeker of knowledge who learned to change his form to look like the overwhelming population of this world.  He has a human form.

Those of you who read Not Just Another Morning of Business (thank you!) has seen he is just another young adult, running a business and looking to get busy.  He became a favorite of my Harry stories and will have many more adventures out on his own.  Shades of Fur is about halfway finished so expect that soon.

But I realized that if there is one small dragon there must be more right?  In the second side story in the works…or side series that is i have the dragon-riders…yeah I know that will change.  They are shape-shifted dragons who happen to be bikers.  Whether they are good guys or bad guys isn’t decided yet but what is is that they are a group living under the noses of even the Guardian.

In urban fantasy there is a lot of things you can get away with.  Having smaller lizards who can shape shift is not really that odd.  As a longer living race than us humans they would fall into certain types of jobs and being enforcers is a good one don’t you think?

I have mentioned before the story Coffee House Blues and this is where they will appear.  As both friends and foes to the new trainee that Harry spoke about in Sudden Disappearances.  The story takes place before Sudden Disappearances and I hope will dove tail nicely.

The whole reason for this ramble is that we are now able to break even the most basic genre stereotypes.  Dragons don’t have to be big bad and scaly misers.  They can be attracted to more than gold and jewels, they can be both good and evil and best of all they can be the heroes in a tale of their very own.  As long as you use a bit of immagination.