As readers of my work you know that I write a lot of short stories. And while it is fun to see people who are willing to read each and every story (I know you must be out there somewhere!) most readers really don’t want to pick up those stories one at a time.

Two years ago I worked with Just Fiction to put out my first collection in over a decade.  Yes I had a book out back in the 90s but no one bought it!

gates  Now this is the cover for Gates: From One Reality to the Next.  As far as I know this book has only sold a handful of copies.  Luckily two of them got me reviews.  While this collection of six takes needs a serious edit it won’t happen until I get my stories back from the publisher.  The tales in this book ranged from romance to horror to fantasy to science fiction.  They are a good taste of my story telling style, if not the best example of my self editing ability.

The second collection was done with Juicy Erotica.  Naughty Interludes has had a lot of trouble staying published according to my contact there.  9781300510680_p0_v1_s260x420This was not the cover I chose and again sales have been slow on this according to my contact, with 5 or so in the past year and a half.  Not good numbers!

Now I have done my own collections of course.  The first was a collection of my erotic tales, Distance Means Little to Love  distance  Again only four sales in the year plus it has been up for sale.  Not good at all you would say?  It did get a few good reviews though.

Now I move on to the collection that did a bit better.  Guardians of the Gate City, book one.  This had the five stories I had put out so far and one novella that had not been put out at the time.

guardians for hollis  Being as these were Harry’s stories it seems to have a better audience.

But the reason I started babbling about these today was that I plan to release all of my Death Walks Through short stories to date in a collection soon.  I have a completed story that has not been released so far as a bonus.  Yes I plan on going through and editing all the tales, making them as clean as I can and then coming up with a fun cover for this collection.

With so many series in the works I have to think about just how many to collect together for each book.  This book will have fifteen stories inside and that seems a good number but not a necessary one after all.  Some of the stories I have are longer than the rest of course.

With fourteen on going series you can expect me to come out with a lot of collections of course.  When will depend on the amount of pages.  the Death collection looks like it will top out at only 118 pages in my doc file but who knows.  The thing is will they sell?  Will they sell better than the individual story does?  Will they bring in a different type of reader?  Well that answer i know.  I have a couple of readers who waited until the guardian collection came out to read the short stories.  They loved them.  And that is all we can ask for right?