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Working on a new tale in a different genre

After a year of writing mostly fantasy tales I decided it was time to switch over to a science fiction tale. Now of course it won’t be just science fiction. There are some mild fantasy elements and some erotic scenes. Yup I did it, I put some sex into my science fiction. Whether those scenes will make it through the final cut I have no idea.

Switch my mindset was not as easy as it could be. I took off a day or so after I released To Save Face or Family and then dove into editing what I had of Escape. One of the nice things about having a computer is that a lot of my old story ideas are safely stored and available when I want to work on them.

This tale was started about five years ago but well I moved to Canada and life got busy in a good way. As I read through what I had written I realized that I have a universe started that could work for a series of interconnected stories. Yup another series. Seems like I can’t stay away from them can I?

In fact the other story I plan on working on is The Price of Freedom which is set in the same universe as Escape. What will tie them together will be the League. I describe them like this in the opening of Escape:

The League grew out of a need. Runaway slaves, the traveling folk and those who had no power needed a voice. The League was formed much like the Rangers of the old west on the mother planet. A group of men and women who could be relied on to protect those who needed protection and who had the power to make the Masters pay for their crimes. In the thousand years since mankind left Mother Earth, the League has defended and protected humanity, be they dirt-sider, station rat, or ship-born, the League protects and defends. They have kept the depredations of the Masters to a small sector of human controlled worlds, they continue to do so today.

So that will be fun to write. I have a character in mind who will be a common thread in the two stories all ready mentioned. A League Hunter.

Now how about a excerpt from the opening of my newest tale? I haven’t given excerpts much lately so I thought why not?


Inside Shankman’s rest a voice swelled and captured the attention of those passing by. Full and masculine, it pulled people in and stirred things deep inside hearts that were locked down. He sang of sex and love and things that the Masters had outlawed. The listeners paired off and in smoky corners, broke the laws of the Masters by touching and caressing those not approved. His song was wild and rhythmic, full of power and need. The audience that wasn’t pairing off were all surrounding the stage where the tall, dark haired young man sang. Dressed in leather and silk, he mesmerized and teased. Both men and women looked at him like he was fresh meat. His song soared as he made love to the audience, giving them a light to their dark days and release. His eyes jumped from person to person, seeming to stroke them and tease them, but in reality searching for one person. He hid his worry and poured out more power into his words.

Dodging to the left, Caro ran faster, her sleek dancers body giving her the strength and stamina to stay ahead of her pursuers. The crowds parted as the Sweepers passed by. On Grail station, the Sweepers could take whom they wished and no one wanted to catch their eye. Most would aid the Sweepers, and as they saw them chasing the young dancer hands reached out to stop her. Caro slid to the side avoiding the merchant, then dropped down and slid under the arms that tried to catch her. She was almost to her destination. If she could make it to the other side of the concourse, she could hide from them in one of the many cubbies she had found. She spun and leapt and the hands slid away. Just a few hundred feet and she would be free and than she could get word to Adam. She made it to just outside the Shankman’s rest before she was hit with a tangle web. Crashing to the ground, she fought like a wild animal, cursing the men around her. “You damn cowards! Fight them, don’t let them take…” The nearest Sweeper tapped her shoulder with a stun rod causing her to scream in pain.

Just as he finished up his set, Adam heard the commotion outside. Grabbing up his bag from the side of the stage, he eased his way out of the reach of the fans and onto the concourse in time to hear the scream. His head whipped about as he recognized the voice begging for help. He pushed through the crowd and grabbed the rod before it could hit her again. The Sweeper stared at him for a long minute before reaching for his gun. Adam spun the rod and rammed it into the belly of the Sweeper. The creature let out a howl and collapsed to the amazement of the crowd. While everyone was stunned, he quickly scooped up the web-bound woman and shouldered his way past the crowd. For the first time one of the dreaded Sweepers was finding out just how their victims felt as the crowd roared and tore it apart.


Yeah this needs editing for things like commas but it gives you an idea how this novel starts. I want this to start out running and keep going. While I am more used to writing fantasy, I do know the things that make a good soft science fiction novel. You need star ships, aliens and of course action. I am not going to try to write something with a lot of science behind it because I am not a scientist. If you want more science than fiction then you need to go read the books of some of my esteemed indie friends who write find tales filled with science.

To Save Face or Family is up!

Yup my newest novel is up for the reading public to buy, read and review. Hopefully this will find a few new readers who will like the odd stuff I write.

Here is the blurb and link:

New book release! Face: A uniquely oriental belief concerning honor, respect and responsibility. Many will give everything, including their lives, for this concept.

Destiny is a young woman of two clans. She has willingly joined the ranks of the Firm to protect a younger brother who has a great destiny. But it is her role that is the question. Was she simply born to protect her younger brother or is her role in the universe a greater one?

When the unimaginable happens friends join ranks to fight monsters born out of the mind of men but also those from outside our realm. The question is, will they Save Face or Family?

Working on final edits…or ARRRGGHHHH

I have to first say THANK YOU to my pre-reader, Simone. A wonderful woman who helps me put commas in the right place, hyphens where they below and tells me if the story is dragging weirdly.

Having someone outside yourself and the online programs who is willing to read a manuscript that is not quite finished. In fact I have had two with this book but like a wise writer I am not going to give away the name of my other pre readers. Safer for me and for them in today’s weird world.

What is odd is when you go through the edits you are sent back and you see where you missed a letter, typed up the wrong version of a word or somehow made a sentence seem like it was written by a pedantic old man.

In the current work in progress, To Save Face or Family (yes that is the name!)I have characters who talk in a very old fashioned and correct way. In the modern world we all use contractions and they can be the bane of a writers existence. See there are two schools of thought, either everyone has to talk that way or you should NEVER use them!

Like a fool I went through and did a find/replace on all my contractions. Silly me! When you have characters who are from 21 to 40, well you need to have those in the speech patterns. Having two characters who don’t use them is bad enough, having all of them? Bad me. So I thank my wonderful editor/pre-readers who pointed that out to me.

We are through the fourth chapter as of me writing this this morning…which means we have only fifteen more to do before I can publish this book. And for those of you who haven’t seen this yet (must be a few of you right?) here is the cover for my newest soon to be released book!


What is there in a title?

As I am coming oh so close to finishing my work in progress it is time to look at the title.  Titles are some of the hardest things for me.  Finding one that is both catchy and accurate to the book is not easy.  I have titles that go from a single word to a sentence.

The perfect length of a title seems to be something of a debate in the writing world.  Many authors say that you should have no more than three words in your titles.  Yeah…not going to happen with me.

So right now I am working out what I should use for my title.  Should I stick with Whether to Save Face or Family…. or should I go with To Save Face ore Family….or even just Face or Family?  You can see that this can be tough.

Personally I doubt I will use Face or Family….it is too short and i think doesn’t give the right message for the title.

But lets look at other titles why don’t we?  I have a lot of work out there for the world to read but I am not talking just about my work.  Lets go for some of the titles by authors that I have read, indie authors all.

First we can look at two titles that are from two different genres.  The first is Deadman’s Lament by Linell Jeppsen.  A western.  The title is perfect for the genre as it brings to mind the old west in my opinion.  One of her more popular tales from what I am told.

Second I have High Plains Holiday by Simone Beaudelaire. Another book set in the west but this time a sweet romance. While I love the book and the title it doesn’t quite hit as a romance title in most minds.

Now how about Tales from Tomorrow by John Patin? Sounds like an interesting science fiction book right? And that is just what it is.

So you can see that titles are important. so coming up with the right title is essential to help your deathless words bloom (okay none of us really believe we write deathless prose right?)

What to do? What to do? I have time to think about this and i wanted to just say, think about those titles folks. Toss them up on your writing boards and see what other people think. Don’t worry if you really don’t like what they say but listen. You just might find a better title with a little help.