As I am coming oh so close to finishing my work in progress it is time to look at the title.  Titles are some of the hardest things for me.  Finding one that is both catchy and accurate to the book is not easy.  I have titles that go from a single word to a sentence.

The perfect length of a title seems to be something of a debate in the writing world.  Many authors say that you should have no more than three words in your titles.  Yeah…not going to happen with me.

So right now I am working out what I should use for my title.  Should I stick with Whether to Save Face or Family…. or should I go with To Save Face ore Family….or even just Face or Family?  You can see that this can be tough.

Personally I doubt I will use Face or Family….it is too short and i think doesn’t give the right message for the title.

But lets look at other titles why don’t we?  I have a lot of work out there for the world to read but I am not talking just about my work.  Lets go for some of the titles by authors that I have read, indie authors all.

First we can look at two titles that are from two different genres.  The first is Deadman’s Lament by Linell Jeppsen.  A western.  The title is perfect for the genre as it brings to mind the old west in my opinion.  One of her more popular tales from what I am told.

Second I have High Plains Holiday by Simone Beaudelaire. Another book set in the west but this time a sweet romance. While I love the book and the title it doesn’t quite hit as a romance title in most minds.

Now how about Tales from Tomorrow by John Patin? Sounds like an interesting science fiction book right? And that is just what it is.

So you can see that titles are important. so coming up with the right title is essential to help your deathless words bloom (okay none of us really believe we write deathless prose right?)

What to do? What to do? I have time to think about this and i wanted to just say, think about those titles folks. Toss them up on your writing boards and see what other people think. Don’t worry if you really don’t like what they say but listen. You just might find a better title with a little help.