death-collection-cover-2The horrible summer bug got me last week. I was down with the cough, fatigue, aches and all around sleeplessness for a week and a half. I just could not come up with a new word to put into any of my works in progress or the drive to even think. Thankfully I am on the mend now and I managed to finish the cover for Death Walks Through, collection one. It went live on Amazon, Google Play and Page Foundry yesterday and is of course working its way through other sites as you read this.

A collection of 14 previously released short stories and one unreleased one. If you like my ghost stories but haven’t had a chance to get them all, here it is.

Making the smoke on the cover come out right needed the special touch of the artist who is my hubby. I just could not figure it out but it seems to work.

While I was ill I pondered other works. I have submitted a flash fiction short story to an anthology from one of the writers groups I am part of. We had the theme of Hot Summer Nights and I think it will be a very good collection. The variety of authors is, in my opinion, some of the better o the indie authors out there today.

Also I am working out another short story concept for a different group’s anthology. This one is about clowns, any and all kinds. I am going for the sacred clown from native American mythos. Should hopefully be good. Thirdly I have been asked to come up with of all things an epitaph for a collection of epitaph poetry. Weird right? It did have me thinking though.

You see a lot of these all over cemeteries of course but have you read them? Many of them are really good and longer than you expect. So we will see what I will come up with.

So a new month, if half over, and lots of new ideas. Lets see what I have up my sleeve.