As a writer of fiction of all kinds I decided that when I put out my true life stories that I would not put them under my current author (married) name. It is not that I am ashamed of the nonfiction tales i will be putting out but that I don’t want things that are a dark part of my soul to be mixed with the children of my mind and heart that is my fiction.

Over the weekend I posted up my first memoir/letter under my pen name. It is not something I expect to sell but it was something I needed to put out there to the ether. Over the next few months I plan on doing a series of letters titled of course as Letters to the Dead. These are very personal things that I yet to decide if I will put up on Amazon. The first, Goodby, Daddy is the letter I wrote the night of my biological father’s death. It was something I needed to do and as I put it up I realized that I have a number of these letters in my head. There have been a lot of people who have passed from my life. Some of them were friends, some co-workers and some were family. Some of them saddened me greatly but others left a dull place that I feel I need to explore. If these letters touch others who have been stuck in their grieving process then I am content.

This is the only time i will let people know of the upcoming letters. They will be under the pen name LA Mason, which is my birth name.  I will be using a different pen name when I start up my children’s books. Thankfully as a self published author I can do this and not worry.

Here is the stark and simple cover I made for this letter.