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Three more covers for future collections

Last week i gave you cover reveals for my drabble and flash fiction collections that are upcoming. So this week i put together three more covers. Counting up the collections that I have in various states, there are right now 14. That is a lot of covers and a lot of collections but I think I can put something out every month this way.

This week i decided to do covers for my micro fiction, dribble fiction and hint fictions. These are all the shortest forms next to poetry that I do. So why not make collections of just them? You can find some of them scatter about the net on my other blogs or even on places like LinkedIn or I have been known to scatter my words all over the net but these collections will put them in one place for you kind readers.

microcosm-of-words dribbles hints-of-imagination

Next week I hope to have a cover reveal for Escape along with the covers for the rest of the various collections I am working on. Stayed tuned.


cover reveals for some collections

As you faithful readers know, I have been working on a number of collections of my work lately. Two of the books are for the short forms of fiction that I have been exploring this year. Between drabbles, those fun little one hundred word tales that have become popular lately to the new form called quickie fiction that are tales from 101 words to 500 words long, I decided to make collections of mine.

I am not sure just when they will be put out but expect them some time within the next couple of months.  Here re my working covers for these two collections.

reflections-in-drabble quick-flashes-of-fiction Now the cover for Reflections in Drabble was supposed to be in color but for some reason it came out in black and white…and you know…it works!

Next week I hope to have working covers for the other collections I am working on. And hopefully I will have an amazing cover for Escape, the first of the books of the League of Stars!

Title decided

Last week I was having trouble coming up with a working title for Jasla and Sterin. Thanks to a great friend online I have a title, Shaping into Love. This tale is going to take me quite a while to finish up though. The amount of revision that needs to be done is almost staggering. It could be as difficult as writing a whole new novel.

Here is the working cover

Shaping-into-love While I like the image I am thinking that it is a good thing this is a working cover!

Another cover that needs work is of course my Echoes of Elder Times cover

echoes-starter-cover In both cases it is the font that is bringing down these covers.

Next week i hope to have cover mockups made for Worlds Apart, Magic and Nightmares, Mythos of Love, Space Station Tales, Pleasant Moments and Nasty Intimacies.

I need to work up something also for the future collections of Drabbles and flash fictions I have.

And the title is all wrong

Today I was getting ready to make the teaser cover for the book I am working on and I realized that the title is all wrong. While it is fine to use the names of your main characters on the folder for saving purposes, having them as the title is just way off. So I thought, I should have no trouble right? After all I have come up with a lot of interesting titles over the past two years.

The thing is I am drawing a blank. I have an intense paranormal romance filled with action and sex, love, magic, time travel and so many other elements. Okay more a fantasy paranormal romance but still, a good story that with a lot of tweeks should interest my readers. But how can I put up little bits like I did with Escape if I don’t have a title?

What to name it, what to name it….I don’t want a cliche…I have done those. I want something fresh and interesting. I am tempted to use, The Shape of Love, a fantasy in fur. Not sure what I think of that though. Yes the lovers are a werewolf and werecheetah but does it come across good or cheesy? I just don’t know.

I like the Fantasy in fur part though. See there is the beginnings of a sequel all ready waiting on my computer. Yup a novel i haven’t finished and released all ready has a sequel. Heck I have a lot of things not yet released on my computer that will come out sometime between now and the new year.

So, I am in a dilemma. Do I use Jasla and Sterin or do I use The Shape of Love…or even Fantasy in Fur? Oh I just don’t know!


Ready, set, edit!

Yup I have done it. I have finished up the first draft of Escape. It is now sitting and perking for a few days before I go ahead and start the editing process. Topping out at 54,903 words before I start the edit, it is a novel (yes i know some of you think it is too short!) Now I will be going through, fixing typos, trying to get the grammar right, placing those dratted commas I always miss and if necessary adding or deleting part of the text that does not work for me.

At the same time i am working on the editing stage of my next collection, Echoes of Elder Times. Not the biggest of my collections at only 23.638 words so far, but it contains all of the Echoes stories so far released. Like with my other collections (that i released that is) there will be commentary about the stories, notes if you will. I hope to have it finished up by the end of September. Work on the cover will be my main focus for the next few days. I have a fun image but the text or font is just not right and I plan on playing around till it is in photoshop.

In a day long spreadsheet binge I totaled up my finished works (mostly) and found I have really been writing hard over the past two years. With 840K+ in finished stories from drabbles to epics, I have been writing hard and fast. Yes, some of my work needs a professional edit, but for now i have to rely on all the editing programs I can find and the good friends who are willing to beta read for me. Someday every single novel and collection will be professionally edited by at least three people but that won’t happen till I start making serious sales.

Next week I will have hopefully worked out the next project I will dive into headfirst. As many of you know I have a very large file of work in progress that i need to clean out. I never throw out the old partial stories and ideas I have because I never know when the bones of an old tale will turn out to be something amazing. Where Angels No Longer Tread and To Save Face or Family both started out as something else entire, as did my current project, Escape. I will go more into that feature of writing over on Suteko’s Blog instead of here.

For now you can look forward to a new collection of previously sold as singles short stories with a surprise or two added in for fun. My Labor day sale got me all of two sales, so my prices are going back up.

For the next few months you can expect this for a pricing structure:

Short stores 99 cents

Novellas and shorter poetry collections $1.99

Novels and longer collections $2.99

Long poetry collection $5.49…this is because Love, Loss and Loneliness has fifty full color photographs in it

My two collections, Gates and Naughty Interludes, will stay at what ever price the publishers want them to be till I regain my rights to the tales inside them.