Today I was getting ready to make the teaser cover for the book I am working on and I realized that the title is all wrong. While it is fine to use the names of your main characters on the folder for saving purposes, having them as the title is just way off. So I thought, I should have no trouble right? After all I have come up with a lot of interesting titles over the past two years.

The thing is I am drawing a blank. I have an intense paranormal romance filled with action and sex, love, magic, time travel and so many other elements. Okay more a fantasy paranormal romance but still, a good story that with a lot of tweeks should interest my readers. But how can I put up little bits like I did with Escape if I don’t have a title?

What to name it, what to name it….I don’t want a cliche…I have done those. I want something fresh and interesting. I am tempted to use, The Shape of Love, a fantasy in fur. Not sure what I think of that though. Yes the lovers are a werewolf and werecheetah but does it come across good or cheesy? I just don’t know.

I like the Fantasy in fur part though. See there is the beginnings of a sequel all ready waiting on my computer. Yup a novel i haven’t finished and released all ready has a sequel. Heck I have a lot of things not yet released on my computer that will come out sometime between now and the new year.

So, I am in a dilemma. Do I use Jasla and Sterin or do I use The Shape of Love…or even Fantasy in Fur? Oh I just don’t know!