As you faithful readers know, I have been working on a number of collections of my work lately. Two of the books are for the short forms of fiction that I have been exploring this year. Between drabbles, those fun little one hundred word tales that have become popular lately to the new form called quickie fiction that are tales from 101 words to 500 words long, I decided to make collections of mine.

I am not sure just when they will be put out but expect them some time within the next couple of months.  Here re my working covers for these two collections.

reflections-in-drabble quick-flashes-of-fiction Now the cover for Reflections in Drabble was supposed to be in color but for some reason it came out in black and white…and you know…it works!

Next week I hope to have working covers for the other collections I am working on. And hopefully I will have an amazing cover for Escape, the first of the books of the League of Stars!