As many of you know I am a short story author. I write in all lengths actually but short stories are my bread and butter so to speak. Well this month there will be two new offerings from me. A collection of flash fictions that I wrote and an anthology of christmas drabbles that I have donated to. I have put up the cover to my collection all ready for your readers to look at and I can’t yet put up the cover for the Christmas Drabble collection so I thought I would put together a cover for the collection that I will be releasing come Valentine’s Day.

Mythos of Love will be a collection of five tales. Four have all ready been published but the final tale, Singer of the Blood song, is totally new. I have spent the past few weeks going through and revising and editing the other tales to more reflect I how have evolved as a writer. As a bit of a sneak peak here is the working cover i have for this Fantasy Romance collection

mythos-of-love Look for this collection in early February!