Yup New Year’s Eve is tomorrow and another year is almost over. One of the things I have been doing this month is putting together the spreadsheets that a long time bookkeeper just can’t seem to avoid. I have been keeping track of my sales since I started publishing on my own and while it both excites and depresses me, it it a helpful thing. Well I expanded my spreadsheets to keep track of my flash fictions, of my word totals, works in progress…well just about anything that a writer should think about.

As I mentioned over on my Suteko blog, my numbers are pretty close to what I had last year. As of 8am on December 30th (yeah today) I am within three sales of my totals last year. The difference comes in that last year I mostly sold short stories and this year I have sold mostly novels and collections. So cashwise I have done better.

Here is the list of sales by Title. Now obviously not every title i have had a sale in 2014 but I expected that. In fact out of all my titles there is only one that has never had a sale, Goodbye Daddy, the nonfiction piece I put up under my pen name has never sold a copy. Not that I expected it to. Even if I never sell a copy of those Letters to the Dead, I will still write them and put them up. It is a catharsis for things in my past. But back to what did sell.  Here is my list:

A Bargain made with Fur                     10
A Different Kind of Hunt                     1
A Moving Experience                         1
A Trap of Eyes                             2
All That There Was                         1
An Evening of Note                         1
And Darkness Claims It all                     3
And He Makes three                         1
Beginning Again                         4
Blackbird                             1
Cemetary Games                             1
Cha-cha-changes                         1
Christmas Snow                             3
Death Comes softly                         1
Death Is the Answer                         3
Death Was the Bargain                         3
Death Walks Through                         11
Descents                             1
Echoes of Elder Times                         4
Endings                             9
Escape                                 29
Fall Into Nightmares                         4
From the Snow                             2
Generations of Love                         1
Gaurdian of the Gate City                     5
Guess Wo Is Coming the Tanksgiving Dinner             3
Halloween Pranks and Mischief                     3
Holiday Flashes of Fiction                     8
Hope Everlasting                         1
I Can’t Love You Anymore                     1
Ice                                 17
If Shadows Could Speak                         1
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream                 3
It Jut Might be Gremlins                     1
Love, Loss and Loneliness                     1
Memories of Love                         1
Monsters of the Dark                         1
Never Pack Them Away                         3
New Performaer                             2
Night and Day                             1
No More the Smiles                         3
Not T oth Grave Go I                         1
Not Jst Another Mornig of buiness                 1
Now and Forever                         3
One More all hallows eve                     3
artings                             2
Possibilities                             1
Random Musings of poetic Mind                     1
Rebirth                             1
The Red Ghost Rides                         5
Revenge                             3
Smae Time Nexty Year at the Spaceport Cafe             7
Secrets can be deadly                         1
Shadows on the Wall                         1
Strange Nature                             2
Sudden Disappearances                         1
Surprises and Gifts                         1
Test of Trust                             1
The Dream Wish                             2
The Knight Protctor                         1
The Last Moonset                         3
The Pest House                             5
The Popsicle                             5
The Traveler                             10
The Words that Bring Peace                     1
To Save Face or Family                         8
Twas the NIght                             1
Under the Black Bridge                         1
When Witner Comes Roaring                     4
Where Angels No onger Tread                     11

As you can see some titles did better than others. Escape of course did the best because well, it was released this fall. That helped the numbers get up there after all. Now it is not my biggest seller of course. If I look at the spreadsheet totals certain titles are still up there.

Ice is still my most popular title with 44 sales so far (that is of course not counting and free copies that went out). Next up is The Traveler at 41 which is really nice. Finally is Endings (the first Loralil story) with 39. Now two of the three of these have been up for two years.  Yes I realize these are small numbers compared to so many authors. I have author friends who see this type of sales in a day and I envy them for sure but well I just need to remember that some day I will be discovered. After all some of the most famous authors were not discovered till they were dead! Okay here is hoping I don’t take that long!

Now if you are wondering how many titles I put out in 2014 here you go.

In 2014 I either put out or was part of 22 titles. That is down from 2014 when I published/added to 50 titles but the break down shows why I did less.

Anthologies 3

collections 3

Novels 2

novellas 1

short stories 13

Okay maybe I didn’t write as much. Though to be honest the novels were some of my longest pieces of finished work. The collections have new stories in them of course.

Now one thing i did not list above was the amount of flash fictions I have been writing over the past year plus. See anything under 1000 words I decided needed to be put in a different list. So here goes.

Of the 174 flash fictions I have written, only 43 are from 2013. Most of those are drabbles from when I first learned of the short form. So 141 were written this year. And yes I plan on writing a lot more of them through out 2015. I have of course put up the covers for those collections.

Expect to see a lot more collections this year. I don’t plan on releasing single short stories as much anymore. While I will release the first in new collections, don’t expect a pile of shorts alone. While I am working on revising/editing an old novel and I have started working on a new Flights of Fantasy novella I think that most of my work in 2015 will be short story/flash fiction collections and the next book in my novel series. Have a happy new year!