Okay I have been very very very off the past month. I have done my editing for Mythos of Love, finished up some editing on an erotic fantasy and tried to work on fresh stories. But mostly I have been tossing around ideas for the cover for Mythos and oh boy….today  I opened up photo shop and started to work…what I came up with was in a word…horrible!  Here see what I mean

mythos-trash-cover I mean really? How bad can I be? Now as I was saving the file to show you folks how awful I was I realized that I had done a simple cover with one of my photographs all read.

mythos-of-love My brain must have been on a major fart or something. I did not remember making this!. Okay yes it could be better….the text should be changed, maybe take the messed up text work from the trash cover and use the image from this one? Who knows? But I have to figure this out in the next two weeks….wish me luck..I have a feeling I will need it this time around.