As of this morning I will start taking down from Amazon the short stories that are a part of the my collections. Since I have collected the Guardians of the Gate City, Death Walks Through, Echoes of Elder Times and Mythos of Love stories in one volume I decided i need to take down some of the titles. While it is fun having over 90 titles up on Amazon I think it is time to clean up things so I have a leaner field of titles.

Now don’t worry, I will not take down everything. Like a smart author i will leave up the books that have reviews, also the first tales of the series will stay up as a tease. After all we need a tease right? And of course those tales that are not yet in a collected book will stay up. Yes, i will be putting out Worlds Apart and Beyond Realities some time this year but for now dont expect new titles in either of those. Same with Magic and Nightmares and my other series.

So if you read any of the tales and can’t find them to put up a review for (please do review!) You can put up your reviews on Goodreads, B&N, Kobo, Itunes and other places that I will be leaving those titles up. It is just Amazon that I am cleaning up.