It has been a bit since I put up some of my shorter fiction for people to read. This weekend I wrote two quickie pieces. For those who don’t remember quickie fiction is fiction that is from 101 to 500 words. They are fun, fast tales that are really only one scene long.

The Writer’s Stuff group put up a couple of writers prompts using certain words to tell your tale or an image.  In the case of this week they did both. So here you go.


The Golden Glow of Home

Standing below the skeleton tree I looked up at the golden glow coming from the window. It had been too long since I left her side, wandering the world in search of my destiny. So many miles of road beneath my feet, yet my path brought me back here, ending up in the place I had started.

It had been winter when I walked away, the world blanketed in soft white that reflected the glow from her window. She had sent me away, angry at my choices. I swore then I would never return. Spring had found me far away, yet my heart harked back to that window, longing curling in my belly for her sweet face.

I fought my way through summer, splashes of red staining the bright green that flowed across fields. Men and boys dying meant less to me than the home I could have had. The song of a single bird echoed with my memories of home.

Fall called me back, the dying of the colors bringing memories of times lost. Finally I came back to where I started, standing here working up the courage to climb those stairs and ask if I could come home.

(this was from a image)

The second one had to be about weather, extreme or just what was up while you were writing. So here is what I wrote:

Spring is late

The skies were a blanket of gray as the first of the springtime storms opened up. The cold white flakes dropped out of the sky slower than the harsh storms of winter. Bits of greenery managed to poke above the thin crust of dirty ice that covered the ground. Searching for that tiny white bellflower known as snowdrops, just one clump of them and spring would be heralded once more. The winter was harsh, colder than the five moons of Pluto. Could there be just one clump growing in the shade of an elder pine? Yes! The first sign of spring, never mind those robins.

and finally over on Google there is a group called Writer’s Write. They give prompts from time to time. Yesterday I found one that was interesting. You needed to write two sentences using champagne, blossoms, graveyard, February and turkey…so this is what i have:

The champagne colored blossoms placed around the graveyard stood out as wrong in February. Even weirder was the complete turkey dinner sitting in front of the one tomb.

Lots of writing prompts are to be found on the web. From Google and Facebook you will find the easiest ones but there are many writing groups out there. Hopefully I will find more.