Been busy doing so many other things. With a new tablet to play with and my ereader working again I have been reading. But I have a lot of short fiction that I think you readers could enjoy. So here you go.

Day Song

By Lisa Williamson

I sit, on this man made peak, singing to the sky. I must sing, for I am the herald of the morning. My voice calls the sun from its slumber, bringing forth the new day. Slowly, the gray clouds part, letting a hint of the blue sky through.

But wait, they are closing back up! I sing louder, pour more energy into my notes. The day must break; the sun must rise! I take a deeper breath and sing the song that Mother told me was sacred. The notes pure agony to my throat, but I keep singing them. Finally as the last sound seers my tender throat the clouds break and the sun bursts through, lighting the sky into day once more. My job complete, I tumble from my perch, another will have to take up my post tomorrow.


And how about a drabble or two?

The fire burns slowly, melting the snow on the ground. I move closer, shivering from the cold. This night is the one I have waited for, for so long. Watching the skies for that single sign that will tell me that it is time. Winter has gone on to long, stretching out for longer than any living can remember.

There above the slowly brightening sky I see it. The bright tail of light racing across the sky makes the time of change. Soon we will be free of this never ending cold, soon spring will return. Will she be gentle?


Hiding in the Lace

By Lisa Williamson

Do you see me, hiding here under the blossoms? This thing they call Queen Anne’s lace is just perfect for hiding under. Why do they call it that I wonder? Who is this Anne person and what is lace? To me it is the perfect place to hide from hunters. Delightfully fragrant and cool, the best place to rest on a hot afternoon. And let me tell you about the taste! Tender and fruity with a touch of something that I can’t explain. Why not try a bit? I am sure you will like it, even if you are human.