Yup. I thought I was posting my flash fiction over here for you to read and what did I do? I put it over on my Suteko writing blog. Bad Lisa!

So instead how about I post up some of my poetry? After all I have four collections of poetry out there and I have so many more that have not been published as of yet. So here you can enjoy some of the odd little bits that come out of my mind. Just a reminder that most of my poetry came out of dark times of my mind (Hey that might work for a title!) so I am not this depressed really!


Life choices

Life is full of choices,
those taken,
and those not,
to live is to chose.

You came to me one day,
and held a hand,
but I was afraid,
to take the gift.

But you stayed,
waited for my wounded heart,
and finally I took your gift,
and now my choices are made.


Tiger Kitten ©2006

Once a little kitten
now a strong tiger you are
lashing out when annoyed
so very often lately

Once a happy playful kitten
open as the sky
now the master of sarcasm
with claws you rarely hide

Angry at times for reason
others for none at all
relax lady tiger
you will always have your home

Defensive of your family
yet fighting them all the time
try a little peace my kitten
everything is all right


Okay this last one was written as part of a book for the heroes that died during the wild fires back in 2013. I wrote a lot of poetry for collections to raise funds for families during the wild year of 2013.

True Heroes

You came with the call
dove into the fight
flames burning all around
and you continued your duty

Your brave souls surrendered
in an inferno unimmaginable
we honor your courage
yet wish it wasn’t so

Your families mourn you
as does a nation proud
of the men and women who do their best
to tame the wildfires mad