Okay for a bit now I have thought why not put up some poems each week. I have a lot (at last count well over 300) so why not right? This week I offer you three…A..B..C of course


Another Day ©2006

lovely relaxed time
curled up in warm blankets
no one needing me

longed for
searched for
only found in short stretches

why cant I find it
why do I have to move
I want more



strong and kind,
eyes so deep
you drown

walking on two legs
voice so soft
you lean in to listen

Silken hair
feathering soft against your fingers
jeans so tight
you wonder why he wore them

He knows what he is
what the effect will be
but he hides the knowledge
so you will come, at ease

Lisa (Prior) Williamson © 1999

(okay I wrote this one before i got remarried)



Clouds in the sky,
white and high,
I wish they were dark and low.

Clouds to match my mood,
to match the feeling in my soul,
left alone,
without you.

(from January 2010)


Yes I wrote all of these before I remarried. And no I am not this depressed any more.

Hope you are having a great Victoria day my friends!poe