Yup switching over to poetry this week. I haven’t done new poems or flash fiction since I am still mired in trying to complete A Fragile Peace: Found. It is really kicking my butt. So why not give you some poetry from the not so distant past. As many of you who know me know I have been writing poetry for the last fifteen(ish) years.  Most of my poems are emotional short pieces about how I was feeling at the time. Not all are but most. Today I will try to go with stuff that isn’t too dark. After all today is the first full day of summer and we need something bright and fun right?

So here you go:


Calls in the deep,
songs of power,
songs of life,
singers of pure motion.

Dancing in the water,
figures of delight,
Sea mother’s children,
laughter in flight.
The Eagle

frozen against the sky,
carried ever upwards,
by currents of air.

looking for the prey,
the eagle is the master,
of the hunt and the sky


the flame burned low for so long,
life was sad and empty,
then you came along,
bringing your fire to add to mine.

When I thought my flame would die,
when I gave up, you were there,
holding up the light of love,
warmed my cold soul with it’s power

As you can see these are free verse, my preferred way of writing poetry. I have placed my poetry all over from my website, to blog sites to published in anthologies and my own collections. Poetry is both tricky and powerful. You never know exactly what you will get when you write it and you definitely never know what the reader gets when they read it. I hope you enjoy.