It has been a busy week with Father’s day and my anniversary. I have not been a good writer type and finished up my novel like I had planned. Life got in the way. I have stuff figured out and some notes taken but I keep going back and crossing it out. Writing the epilogue is one of the hardest things to for me. Should I have Loralil actually go through with a simple night of passion with Jason? Should I have her decide to accept the training of the priest in Tal’shin? Should I stop the novel where I have done so far? Leaving both Jason’s emotions and Master Fortin’s request hanging for the second half of this duology?

See writing can be amazing and confusing. You get to tell tales that no one has read before in ways that are unique to your voice, but because of that you have to make decisions about how to take your tale, from start to finish. Finishing is kicking my butt, but soon enough I will finish this tale and move onto something different.

As for the header on this post it comes from me looking at how many visitors I have lately. Seems like with the end of spring and the beginning of summer less people are reading any of my blog posts. That is sad for me. I write these in hopes to keep my readers interested in the whole writing process that I use.

Yes a lot of this blog is me talking about the life of a writer and what influences what I do, but it also has excerpts from my work in progress, details on the books I have written and will be writing and of course about the characters. I am thinking in fact of doing some character studies for my various novels. The characters in my books are all very different and strange but they are a part of who I am.

So is anyone still reading this blog? And better yet, would you be interested in character profiles of my characters from my various series? Let me know.