Yup here you go..some more poetry to read

Wrote this first one a long time ago


Gift of the wolf

Wolf’s claw
magic’s tool
power’s gift
given by the spirit

A sacrifice
from the beast to man
so that understanding can be found
and inner balance discovered

© 1999



My mane flying behind me,
the ground being eaten by my strides,
I am freedom unbound,
strength, power and grace.

Mankind tamed my people,
hitched them to a plow,
beat them, destroyed their spirits,
but I still survive.

Though the land becomes smaller,
though man finds he no longer needs them,
I will always run free,
I am the soul of the wind.


In my dreams

You were here
so close I could touch
holding me near
saying my name

I looked into your eyes
opened my mouth to speak
but you started to fade
for you were only here
in my dreams


As you can see I stick to writing free verse most of the time. Hope you are enjoying it.