Next in my series of poems. Hopefully you readers will enjoy them.

Just a friend

She held your heart in her hand,
and she threw it away,
now you talk of doing yourself harm,
and all I can do is cry.

We are but friends,
you and I,
but I care,
I try to ease the pain.

But what good are my words,
when you need arms to hold you tight,
eyes that look only for you,
I am just a friend.



Curled up so sweet
napping the evening away
curled up with a tiny girl
both so sweet

Someday she will be grown
years from now you will be gone
she will have a child of her own
curled up with her kitty too


little curly top
Sweet little curly top
sleeping next to me
sweet little curly top
who will you be?

sweet little curly top
will you be a dancer?
sweet little curly top
will you be a prancer?

sweet little curly top
youngest darling child
sweet little curly top
meek yet wild

Someday my child
you will grow beyond me
but for now
you are my sweet little curly top