Here we are halfway through the alphabet…such a hot summer day and I think I will do what I can

This first one was just from me listening to a lot of my favorite artists!

Music Man

Touch the  keys,
sing the songs,
tug our hearts,
make us cry.

You are the master,
showing us ourselves,
but I have one thought,
have you shown us you?
Or just a shadow of you?


Now this one was during a hard time waiting to live with the man of my dreams

Never ending Age

Days flow by
flying faster each year
never ending
waiting for change

once there was hope
then there was longing
then loneliness
now there is resignation

I used to believe in a future
longed for a time together
now I live in the present
knowing I am alone

We live in the day
longing for the night
hoping for an instant
but stuck in an never ending age


And this one…well I think you can tell what it is about!


A deep breath
a slow touch
fingers against skin
a quiet moan

loving through the night
to the breaking of the dawn
two no longer alone
hearts and bodies  are one


Poetry can go from one extreme to the other. I am doing my best not to put up the depressing ones I wrote for the longest time but heck they are mine and I own them!