Yup at it again. Hope you enjoy

Pixie Princess ©2006

Pretty little pixie
flying on wings of gauze
eyes changing colors
from blue to silver and back

Sensitive little girl
grown to a young woman now
Eyes so sad at times
wont let me comfort her

Where is my little princess
my sweet little pixie in green
too soon you will be gone
oldest of my three

I love you my princess
and I miss my pixie in green
be happy little girl
you will always be the pixie princess to me


quiet longing

Sitting in my room
staring at nothing
my eyes seeing
what isn’t there

Soft eyes
strong arms holding me close
a murmur in my ear
gentle words of love

But you aren’t here
I’m not there
so I open my eyes
lost in longing
© 1998


Real music

The beat moves
but the words are lost
for percussion has taken over
from the melodies of old

Rocking to the beat is fun
but let’s remember
that music should convey
feelings as well as beat


Not sure when I wrote the last one but well…I do a lot of different things and I don’t always remember to put the copyright year on them.