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Back to poetry…

Lets try this again! My computer went plaid while I was working here!

So here we go. I am back to putting up fun poetry since my book seems to not interest people but my poetry is lately.


Spring Rain ©2006

Hammering on the roof
coming down so fast
ponding on the roads
keeping the morning dark

Shouldn’t it be light
easing the winter ground
bringing up the flowers
not drowning out the buds


True Heroes

You came with the call
dove into the fight
flames burning all around
and you continued your duty

Your brave souls surrendered
in an inferno unimaginable
we honor your courage
yet wish it wasn’t so

Your families mourn you
as does a nation proud
of the men and women who do their best
to tame the wildfires mad



A photograph

a flat imagine of a man

who has depth and soul and meaning

who holds my world in his hands 

Sometimes the eyes catch mine

hold me for a spell

but most times they are flat

leaving me in hell 

© 1998


A Faragile Peace, book cover

This is more a temporary cover. The sweet hubby is working on a cover that will work for all three books in this series but I wanted to get this one out. So here is the current cover.


I will be making up a few quick covers for erotic tales that had been previously published in the Naughty Interludes collection. Since the publisher has pulled a disappearing act, I have decided to get them out. If nothing else the few of you who enjoy my more adult tales can pick them up for a fun read!

S, T and U….poetry time again

Another week, another three poems.

soul song

Piano notes
deep and heavy
closing the eyes

tapping the foot
a long silence
then a voice joins in

Sweet sedative…seductive
calling to the blood
making the heart
strain to feel


The Dance

The bow across the strings
The pluck of a gentle cord
The lights dim
And the sound swells

Two bodies moving
in perfect harmony
Eyes to eyes
One heartbeat

Lisa Williamson © 2012



Do you understand?Understand how I feel?Understand what you do?Understand my reality? Am I a game?or an ego boost?Am I just a tool,to relieve? Does my pain,mean more than discomfort?Is my love,more than a laugh?

© 1998


I am not sure when i wrote that first one. Hope you are enjoying my poetry by the letter!