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An interlude of poetry

More poetry for my followers. Hope you enjoy



Breath in,
breath out,
find life,
not death.

Look for love,
not hate,
have the will,
to tempt Fate.



The sounds of life,
the flow of our blood,
the air in our lungs,
bringer of the spirit.
We live the words,

we dance the rythmns,
deep inside us all,
the music fills our souls.


Music Man

Touch the keys,
sing the songs,
tug our hearts,
make us cry.

You are the master,
showing us ourselves,
but I have one thought,
have you shown us you?
Or just a shadow of you?



Poetry from past charity collections

As many of you know I from time to time donate poetry to various charity collections. With all the things that happen in this crazy world of ours I find it is one way that I can help. I dont have a lot of money I can donate to charities, I am not famous or able to travel to the places that people need help but I can send a poem or three to collections. Like all people who write poetry they come from a deep place inside that was touched by something. Be it good or bad. So here you go. Just a few poems.


From the Angel’s Cried charity anthology

Beloved little ones

Sweet and innocent
Just starting your lives
Looking forward to Santa
How could it happen

One moment you were there
the next you were gone
taken away from us all
in ways most foul

Look down from above
brush your wings close
leave a kiss on the brow
of your family grieving

Forever you will be known
Forever you will be remembered
Sweet tiny children
Beloved little ones

Lisa Williamson © 2012


From the second Angel’s Cried anthology

A Sad Mother’s Day

It came like always
the day that all Mother’s enjoy
but so many can’t this year
all because of one man

Little hand made cards
presents both silly and sweet
will not be givent this year
to those sad mothers

My heart goes out to them
those who will not have that day
who will cry in silence
missing the babies they love so

While we all love our children
let us remember those who lost
who suffer on this day of family
and offer up our love to sustain them

and this one

Six months of sadness

Six months of news
of children being hurt
six months of madness
and what can we do?

Turn on the news
and what do you see
Guns, bombs and storms
tearing apart families

It is hard to see the good
to see the hapiness to be found
when so many little faces
can no longer smile


From the April Rains anthology

Fire in the Sky

Fire in the sky
a town destroyed
was it an accident?
Or something else?

Does it matter really?
With so many hurt in the blast
brave men and women
running in to do a job

Firemen and women
doing a dangerous job
each one with family
who will miss them terribly

Does a cause matter
when so many have died?
we need to remember
those who gave of themselves, willingly


and this one

West Texas

Tiny little town
we did not know existed
till tragedy struck
in a world all ready mad

So many people
lost in a firey hell
doing their job
as they trained themselves

mothers, fathers,
sisters and brothers
daughters and sons
all lost in a moment in time

Mourn them we will
though we knew them not
for they are brave heroes
and should not be forgot


From the Twist of Fate Anthology I have two more

Mad Season

The weather is upon us
thick dark clouds in the sky
storms raging in east and west
sweeping through town and field

All we can do is pray
to which ever god we follow
let it pass us by
let no one be hurt

The sadness fills our hearts
that this one did not pass by
that little ones were victim
to the madness of the season

Yet again

Storms coming through
bringing danger in their wake
One moment you are safe
the next you are not

We stand by helpless
unable to understand
how nature has turned against us
and smashed towns flat

So many in danger
so many lost
what can we do
than offer up our thoughts

Prayers and well wishes
money and clothing
anything we can do
will barely be enough


And finally these two from the United We Stand anthology. I havent done any others in a while but well..with everything happening I just might sit back and make more poems telling the world about the tragedy out there

In memorium

Yet again the horror comes
yet again a child is gone
what has the world come to
that people can do what you did?

Did you plan a statement?
Was it in revenge?
Did you think when you placed it
that you would be killing children?

Sweet innocent souls
sent beyond the reach of man
all because you thought
you had the right to kill and destroy

No matter the reason
no matter the rights
you will burn
in your afterlife

Be you christian
or muslim
or even something else
you were wrong

Violence is not the answer
violence is not the reason
love is what is needed
love is what will heal us

The day after

The morning came
with leaden skies
clouds that would not
give up their tears

It happened so far away
but struck the heart
like you were at the site
watching it unfold

We all sit and wait
for news both good and bad
will they all survive
will the killer be caught

The world is slowly growing darker
with each terror filled moment
but the sun will shine
and the day will go on

Life is for the living
to remember the dead
we much grow closer
and learn to love each other

An excerpt from a new story idea

Yes folks I have been writing. As I have commented before I have had trouble working on one thing at a time and I have been bouncing between many bits and pieces over the past few weeks. Much of my notes have yet to be typed up but well these things happen. So how about I give you folks a new story idea? I have for years wanted to do a character who are born mute.

I am not saying she is deaf, because she is not. She simply has no voice with which to speak. She can see and hear but in a fantasy world how would one grow and what would you become if you could not speak? Could you do magic? Well here is the bit I have down now.


Running on swift and silent feet through the dark streets, Rebecca darted down a side street and slowed. Those chasing her were fiercely loyal the their masters. They would do anything they could to wipe her from existence.

She was the last of her family and the last of her kind. At a full head shorter than the average woman, Rebecca looked like a girl just coming to womanhood. She kept her hair shorn close to her head. The dark curls were hidden under the same scarf that hid her dark skin. The invaders of her home were tall and pale-skinned with eyes that glowed red at all times. When they first came to the city the gate watch had thought they were just a new batch of the northerners come to trade furs for the scented wood of the Cinnabar trees. They were so very wrong.

She only needed to run a few more streets and she¬†would finally be able to do finish. She would be able to do what they had started out to do. Whether it would work she wasn’t sure. She was alone now, all the others had fallen, but she had to try.


This little bit is from a tale I have tentatively titled Muted Freedom. No she isn’t a princess or a warrior. She is something else. I plan on a cross between a priestess and a dancer. For that is how she speaks. She dances her devotion to her gods and to her people. No this tale is not making a comment about race. Yes the villain are pale skinned but they are not white in the traditional sense. They are the white of dead bones, not the healthy color of northerners.

Yes it is sad that I will have to make sure to clearly type that. But that is what authors do. We write. We write characters of many typs. And I will continue to write characters as I see them. No matter the current political correctness that people expect writers to do if they want to sell.

Links, new fiction and old

As of the past few weeks I put together most of my finished fiction into collections. Some of you have been nice enough to pick up my collections but those of you who are interested here are the links that will let you look up my books.


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Worlds Apart, a fantasy short stories collection*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Brief Flashes Inside, a collection of longer flash fictoins*Version*=1&*entries*=0

A Microcosm of Words, a collection of micro fictions*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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