Thought I would just give you readers more little fun bis to read


Gentle Morning

Water droplets glisten on the down turned petals of sapphire blue. The sun is cupped gently by one of those blossoms and I watch as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. The sky, shades of umber, cinnabar and gold, slowly brightening once more as night becomes day again.


My imagination

On the seas of my mind sail ships with full sails. The amber sky is filled with moons the color of umber and below the sea is an ocean of stars. The single dolphin laughs in the green waters filling my imagination. Care to come and swim in that sea?


Night music

She sits in the dark, violin in her hand, light glinting blue off her hair and instrument. She came to the city to learn to play yet was turned out into the night. Now as the forest claims the streets, she plays music unearthly in beauty. Can you hear her?


The Oak and the Ivy

Brothers and sisters listen to my tale of love and magic. Deep in the golden wood if you pay attention you just might see them. The Lord Oak who holds in his strong brown arms the flexible Ivy. He holds her strong and tight as she wraps him in the vines of her hair. Slowly they delve into each other but in the end only one will survive. Wile the mighty Oak win or will the wily Ivy take him down to the ground? You have only to look and you will see them loving the day away. Can you?


Walking the bridge between here and where?

The fog is too thick to see past. The road continues on, the bridge is the only path I can take. I know not where I will go but I must follow this path. Will they be on the other side? Did he wait for me like he promised?

When I started this quest the world was bright and filled with laughter but as time moved on I lost touch with those who made me smile. Now I just want them back. I have walked this path so long, will it never end?