Dreams have always been a source of inspiration for me. Many of my stories and novels have started out as a bit of a dream that I remembered. They may start out one thing but they become something else quickly as I write. Below I have a collection of short short fictions and poetry that have the theme of dream.


Dreams of silver

I got a gift
a ring so fine
I put it on
thinking you were mine

As it grew warm
my heart did soar
for you loved me well
as your note did tell

But after I got it
you started to grow cold
like I did something wrong
when I put it on

You say it is nothing
just things you can’t say
for fear of hurting
but are you going away?

I stare at the ring
that enwraps my finger
like you are wrapped around my soul
and wonder if I am just dreaming
dreams of silver



Long night,
quiet nights,
wishing on a star.

Living for a dream,
dreaming of a life,
with a sweet love.


Dreams 2

My dreams are so strong,
I close my eyes and they come,
images of another life,
one of you and I.

When my eyes are open,
the real world crashes down on me,
living without you,
there is nothing I wish to see.


Dreams on the Wind

I sat beneath the tree, watching dreams drift by. Crystalline globes filled with images that never have been but just might be. Watched them float on the unfelt breeze, moving toward those who needed them. Simple desires and wild flights of fancy filled them, each with a destination. No longer held in the boughs of my tree, they leave this place, going places I will never be. I wonder if maybe if I lie down and dream, will I join them in a new world. I wonder if I really want to. I can’t decide so I sit and watch.


Dreaming in grass

The sun is so warm, the grass so green. Lying here I rest my eyes for a little, just letting the world fill me with its wisdom. You told me that I could not do it, could not feel the life around me.

Why did you think that? Was it my red lips or the color on my lids? It doesn’t matter because your were wrong. The tall reeds of the field tickle my skin as I let my mind drift down into the deep, dark earth. Nothing you can say will take from me my connection to the world.


Just the shortest forms of speaking of dreams.