Yup this week I am giving you an excerpt. Here you go. This cae to me in a dream…like so many of my tales.


Pain overwhelming. Dust, shadows and a deep voice trying to get her attention. Breathing was hard but suddenly the pressure eased, lifted from ribs, causing a brief flash of white heat that faded quickly. The first full lung of air cause a harsh cough. She felt a gentle hand slip behind her head and then something against her lips. A swallow of stale tasting water eased the cough.

A few breaths later she opened her eyes to look into a pair of dark blue eyes filled with concern. “Better?” A deep yet soft voice asked her.

She nodded once before closing her eyes and wincing. “Where?”

Adam looked about. The room they were trapped in was dark and close. Before the explosion he had been on the third flour office of his booking agent. The pale woman lying broken on the floor had just came in and then everything went to hell. “Basement, I’m thinking.”

She started to sit up when her body demanded she not move. At her grasp he gently pressed her back. “I wouldn’t move if I were you. Till help gets here.”

Sharna took a shuddering breath and nodded. Taking stock of her body, the pain settled back to a few very loud points. Right shoulder, ribs and lower left leg. She felt the bones shift in leg and chest but there was an almost numb feeling to the shoulder. Along with the throbbing pain she could feel the warm tickle of blood running down her face.

She opened eyes and looked over her companion. He was battered and bloodied too but had the luck of being in a mostly clear patch. Other than a quickly darkening bruise on one side of his face, he looked good. The throbbing was making focusing hard. She knew his name. It sat on the end of the tongue but she couldn’t say it. “What happened?”

Adam settled back with a hidden wince. His own injuries where less visible than the woman trapped with him. Pieces of the table they had been seated about had embedded into his chest and side. The worst was just above the hip. It made movement very ginger. Do you remember the lawyer?”

Closing her eyes for what felt like mere moments Sharna dredged up a vague man’s face. Round, balding with pasty and sweaty skin. “Sorta…he worked for the…um…” her brow creased as she tried to remember.

Taking pity on her Adam answered. “He supposedly was one of the label’s lawyers. There to work out a contract for us.” Her continued puzzled look made him continue. “The label wanted to renegotiate for more songs or something.”

He smiled as a bit of recognition stated to form in the dazed eyes.