Okay I admit I have been a lazy writer type. Not working like I should but I haven’t been totally lazy. I have bits and pieces of notes scattered through my notebook. This little bit is something I have been playing with.

Billy Blackcrow is a crow shifter who first appeared in To Save Face or Family. He is a fun loving character who joined the Firm as a way to care for his murder of siblings and cousins. For those of you wondering that means thirteen crows. It is one of those fun terms that the english language has. Now this bit is totally rough.


Billy banked to the left, flirting his feathers at his cousin before catching an updraft and soaring out of the forest. He was due to check in at base, something that family didn’t understand. Crows were social birds who flocked together but they were rarely serious. Billy confused them with his trips to the city and his outclan friends.The fact that he reported to an eagle baffled the much younger siblings and cousins that he had taken charge of. They understood he worked with the outclan to protect them and get them the great roost they had but they didn’t understand continuing to do so. After all didn’t he suffer injury helping those outclan fox types?

They felt he should stay closer to home. Pick out a good crow girl and add to the flock like the clan leader he was now. Wasn’t that how it was done?

Air traffic over the Firm’s headquarters was interesting. He never knew just who might be coming in for new orders. Between the newcomers and the old agents plus all the normal birds, there was cast off feathers everywhere. He spiraled down, transforming back to human as his feet hit the rooftop. He waved to Raven, who was currently on watch. A cousin in a way, the larger black feathered bird was blending well with the local natural raven population.

His ability to talk to all the natural ravens in the city made him a valuable resource but Billy found Raven to be a bit arrogant and stuffy. But then pretty much every crow thought that of every raven. The fact that Billy was a shifter and Raven was of the spiritclans should have meant they would never even talk but when Billy’s clan had been almost completely wiped out by Strife Raven had helped Crane to bring his family to a safe place. While he still didn’t know Raven’s speaking name, he trusted the man.


I have more to work on to get this going but the bits I added here made me write it down. Story fragments come to me every day and some I write down and others I ignore. It is interesting having a muse who only gives you tiny bits of tales to tall. here is hoping I can do more.