Usually over here I post about my up and coming projects. Short stories, novels and collections that I will be putting up for sake. We over the past few weeks the muses have been pushing for me to do different types of stories. The loudest has been pushing me to try doing an illstrated story with a much younger herione. Now i ave toyed with doing childrens stories before but well we all know my crazy muses held off. So today I have started a drawing and a little bit of an intro for a child. 

Now while i have that first page drawn, it is only in pencil so far. It needs cleaning up and being inked to mske it readable. Here is the first shot of what i hope will work out. As I said, very rough. She came out looking a bit old but believe it or not the image ichose to work from has those same features.

I will clean it up and repost a better image soon. So should i do this?:‚Äč