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Shaman Tales, Bird Shaman, page one

Well, time for a new tale. The Shaman Tales are going to be about a shaman learning secrets from the various animals. I started with the birds, which I had a lot of fun drawing. Some of the pages are really great and others? I am not the best artist but I am trying. Enjoy.



Emotion series

Now this is going to be really a series of drawings with poetry embedded in them. These are going to generally be one shots. Hope you enjoy folks and I will start putting up Elsi’s Tale tomorrow.



Sorry readers had a few sick days and then got a nasty computer virus that my hubby had to fix. So I will be putting up the last two pages of Shell World. I have another story I will start up in the next blog post. Enjoy!


I know being smaller is harder to read but I believe if you click you should be able to enlarge.


Tales From the Shell, page four


Tales from the Shell, page three


Tales from the Shell, page two


Tales from the shell, page one

Okay I have trouble with titles but this is a short illustrated story. Actually this is page one. I will be posting up the following pages oh a daily basis. This little flash fiction is a mix of pencil, ink and water color. Enjoy and come back for the next installment.