Well still working on what I consider Lisa stories lite. The first one is finished in the writing/drawing stage but i am still working. I decided to use the watercolor pencils for yhe images before I did the inking. Like doing an actual comic i needed to go over all the lettering and images with inks. A wee bit harder than you would expect. It taught me a lot about why comics have different peop.e to do letyering, coloring snd inking. 

Sorry I havent posted up yhe pages but neither my camera nor the table capture the oages clearly. I plsn to scan in the finied ages once we get the laptop working again. Yes the gremlins are back at it.

Now due the issues with tech I have staryed other tzles. I have a bu ch of pages of a dragon knights tales I am working on with all my partial dragon drawings.  I need to get more drawing paper to finish this tale. It is looking to be much longer than Elsi’s tale is.

Yesterday I started working on a much shorter fun piece that will be a part of what I am calling Nana’s stories. These are in honor of my grandmother, who wrote daily. This first one will be a sort of what if tale. At the moment it is still in the drawing stage. I have done some lettering and was reminded just why you need to have white out on hand. 

These tales are pretty fair conceptwise from my usual tales. By incorporating the drawings i changed how I usually write. But the big change is I am writing these tales from the images not adding images to all ready written tales. It is both harder and easier. While my drawings are no where near as good as my daughter does but i am stretching my wungs so to speak. Here is hoping they find an audience.  They will be free to anyone who goes to my deviantart page.