Been a while huh?

Well I decided I needed to just post something. So here goes, something I worked on a long time ago and well I need to work on it again right?


The Club at the End of it all

by Lisa Williamson

Case looked about the club. It was packed to the walls with hot, young things in tight jeans or tighter dresses. Every color of the rainbow covered or didn’t, skin in shades of tan to black. Showing off women who wanted to be seen as young, tight and athletic. Girls who obviously spent their time in gyms and tanning salons or on the beach.

While they were all striking and beautiful they had a sameness that was getting boring. He could have any of these women for little more than a nod. Every one was here to be seen and to hopefully find a new sugar daddy. Sighing he reached for his whiskey and slugged it back. Signaling to Joey behind the counter, he ordered another.

Seeing nothing you like tonight bro?”

With a single shake of the head Case sighed. “They are just so much of the same thing. Every one of them thinks they are unique but look at them. “ He gestured toward the nearest group of three. A blonde, brunette and redhead, each tall and slim with what had to be fake breasts.

Seeing his gesture they all turned on the lure. It was obvious that these three were together and hoping to convince him to join them in some group fun in the back room. They alternated arching their backs and licking their full lips. Case just shook his head and turned back to the bartender. “See what I mean? Wind up sex toys, all polished up and made to service.”

Joey nodded. He worked behind this bar six days a week and the man on the other side owned the club. Once they had been part of a team doing the impossible under conditions that none of the plastic people in this room would understand.

It is near closing time, Case. Maybe you should just head down. “ Picking up the rag from behind the counter and he started polishing the counter. “I can close up tonight. Sally and Jennie have all ready cleaned out the private rooms. They had to push those three out of room two.” He grinned as he shook his head. “They are purely here to find something to play with. They came on to both girls and, “ he let out a chuckle,*they thought the three of them would be enough to get any man to give them a good time.” Joey said the last part with finger quotes.

Case lifted one dark brow at his friend. “Are you telling me they tried to get you back there?” When Joey nodded, he stifled a snort. While it wasn’t obvious when Joey was behind the dark oak bar, once he was out on the floor he towered over the crowd by nearly a foot. The bar had been specially made with a sunken floor so he wouldn’t intimate the customers.

Joey was not human. Like most of the people who worked at Club End he was a immigrant, a drop through. Case had found him on a frozen heath across the world from where they were now. He looked like a rather tall human but he was not. It was slightly amusing to the bartender that the human women in southern California seemed to believe any man would jump at a chance to bed them.

Sighing, Case nodded. Another night was nearly over, the whole feel of a club was getting to him. He needed to go out. Do a little hunting of his own. He started to turn toward the back when he heard Joey let out a low whistle.

Turning back toward the front of the club his eyes were drawn immediately to a woman standing in the doorway. Dressed all in red, some type of cloth that shimmered and flowed down a full figured body.

The woman shook back her hair so that it cascaded down her back in golden waves. Even in the dim lighting of a bar, her skin glowed like it was touched by moonlight. The triplets turned to see where Case’s attention had turned. He could easily hear them calling the woman a cow but he found he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

She stepped forward, her long full skirt swirling about her booted ankles. Where the other women in the room all had short skirts and lots of skin showing, this woman was covered from shoulder to fingertip and down to her ankles. There was a hint of cleavage and leg as she walked, just flashes of pale skin.

With a faint smile of her rose colored lips the mystery woman headed his way. She moved lightly with the grace of a great cat. A serious woman looking for something is how she felt as she passed the tables. Halfway to the bar one of the suits who stopped by looking for something fresh to play with reached out to stop her. Placing a hand on her arm to pull her in, the man froze. She leaned down, said something too soft to be heard and the man scooted back, shaking his head. She smiled slowly and sighed then stepped away.

Well that was interesting.” Joey leaned on the bar. “Harold doesn’t back off that quick usually.”

Case agreed. Harold came into the club once a month and usually had to be escorted out when he pushed a woman too hard. It was obvious that the Lady in Red was something new. And new was looking good.

As she neared the bar, she paused for a moment, looking over both Joey and Case. An almost smile was pasted on her face but something told the men she wasn’t happy. Her eyes were covered by a pair of dark glasses even in the dim light of the bar.

The half gloves that covered her hand showed the red painted nails clearly. They were a match to the lipstick she wore. Taking a soft breath that lifted a pair of truly impressive breasts she stepped the rest of the way to the bar. Lifting one finger she softly ordered a glass of wine before turning to Case. “I am sorry if I disturbed your client, sir.”

Her voice was soft and melodious. It purred in a man’s ear like steamy sex and made both Joey and Case lean closer. Case shrugged as he caught a whiff of her scent. It called to a part of him he did not expect on this world. She smelled of home but women from his home didn’t look like this one. “Harold had it coming.”

She smiled and saluted Joey as she took a sip of the wine. They both watched as she swallowed and then shifted. Just that simple motion of her throat caused reactions deep inside the watching men. She placed the glass down and turned back to Case. “I hope you are the man I am looking for.”

Lifting a brow, Case shrugged. “Guess that depends on who you are looking for Lady.”

Sighing, she reached up and pulled a small card from the slit just above her cleavage and handed it to him. She shivered as his fingers touched hers. “I was told I could find help here.”

Case flipped over the card and then his eyes narrowed. He handed the card to Joey and drummed his fingers on the bar. “Where did you get this?”

A mutual friend,” she said as she looked off into a distance. “I hope at least he was one.”

Stiffening, Case reached across to grip her fingers. “Was?”

She hissed and shuddered as he held her fingers and then licked her lips and then pressed them together. “Yes, was. The reason I am here.”

Joey cleared his throat. “Room six.”

Case nodded and tugged at her fingers. “Yes I think privacy is in order for this.”

He could feel her trembling as he held her hand and pulled her closer.

Whispering, he leaned in. “Do I need to lead you or will you come willingly?”

She shook her head once, then took a long breath. “I need to speak to you each Lieutenant. At the same time. Can one of the women take over for your second?”

Case signaled to Mary to take over the bar and Joey nodded. He scooted out the back of the bar, slipping around the room more quietly than a man his size should move. Letting her fingers go he saw her shake herself and then she followed Joey. He watched her hips sway in the long skirt. A part of him wanted to take her to his private play room but most of him wanted to know how she knew is old rank and how she knew of Charlie.