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New releases of older files


Well after months of sitting on my butt and not putting out anything I finally got my files together and worked on book covers. They aren’t as fun as some of the others I have done but they are clean and easy to read.

Over the past week I put out six collections. From my early short stories to my flash fiction to my erotica. The prices go from 99 cents to $2.99 which is I think very affordable for these collections and obviously some of you agree. Thank you to the handful who have picked up a copy. You make this writer very happy.

So on to the books and the covers. I have included them in this post. Next week I will try to included a bit from my new workmagic-nightmares.jpgnasty-intimancies.jpgpleasant-moments.jpgbeyond-realitues.jpg


Poetry by the letters again..P Q, and R…enjoy

Yup at it again. Hope you enjoy

Pixie Princess ©2006

Pretty little pixie
flying on wings of gauze
eyes changing colors
from blue to silver and back

Sensitive little girl
grown to a young woman now
Eyes so sad at times
wont let me comfort her

Where is my little princess
my sweet little pixie in green
too soon you will be gone
oldest of my three

I love you my princess
and I miss my pixie in green
be happy little girl
you will always be the pixie princess to me


quiet longing

Sitting in my room
staring at nothing
my eyes seeing
what isn’t there

Soft eyes
strong arms holding me close
a murmur in my ear
gentle words of love

But you aren’t here
I’m not there
so I open my eyes
lost in longing
© 1998


Real music

The beat moves
but the words are lost
for percussion has taken over
from the melodies of old

Rocking to the beat is fun
but let’s remember
that music should convey
feelings as well as beat


Not sure when I wrote the last one but well…I do a lot of different things and I don’t always remember to put the copyright year on them.

Inspiration is on a holiday

Okay I have been very very very off the past month. I have done my editing for Mythos of Love, finished up some editing on an erotic fantasy and tried to work on fresh stories. But mostly I have been tossing around ideas for the cover for Mythos and oh boy….today  I opened up photo shop and started to work…what I came up with was in a word…horrible!  Here see what I mean

mythos-trash-cover I mean really? How bad can I be? Now as I was saving the file to show you folks how awful I was I realized that I had done a simple cover with one of my photographs all read.

mythos-of-love My brain must have been on a major fart or something. I did not remember making this!. Okay yes it could be better….the text should be changed, maybe take the messed up text work from the trash cover and use the image from this one? Who knows? But I have to figure this out in the next two weeks….wish me luck..I have a feeling I will need it this time around.

When will it come out?

As many of you know I am a short story author. I write in all lengths actually but short stories are my bread and butter so to speak. Well this month there will be two new offerings from me. A collection of flash fictions that I wrote and an anthology of christmas drabbles that I have donated to. I have put up the cover to my collection all ready for your readers to look at and I can’t yet put up the cover for the Christmas Drabble collection so I thought I would put together a cover for the collection that I will be releasing come Valentine’s Day.

Mythos of Love will be a collection of five tales. Four have all ready been published but the final tale, Singer of the Blood song, is totally new. I have spent the past few weeks going through and revising and editing the other tales to more reflect I how have evolved as a writer. As a bit of a sneak peak here is the working cover i have for this Fantasy Romance collection

mythos-of-love Look for this collection in early February!

Drabbles and the collections they live in

Now this is a week late but I thought I would expose you gentle readers to the wonder of a drabble collection. the FWG (Fiction Writers Group from Facebook)put out a collection of these little gems of writing. One hundred word tales with the theme of Halloween is what we did. I have the very first one inside and here is a link to this book

This book was a lot of fun to contribute to and has given me the push I need to complete my own drabble collection which I will put out sometime next year.

jack o lantern trick

Halloween Anthologies! Here they come!

Yup, Friday is one of the best days of the year. Halloween will be upon us in under five days! If like me you love good little tales based around the season, well I have a collection for you! Okay this is only one of the new anthologies I am a part of that will be out this week but as it is the first one up and ready for sale I thought I would post it up

Ode to Autumn – Season of Change, is a collection of stories and poetry from 18 different writers (me being one!) The tales are not all Halloween but that is fine. Autumn is a great time of year here in the north country. So if you want to read something scary, funny, dark, bright or just plain good, why not pick up this anthology. My tale, is in there but you have to read them all. You never know you might find a new indie author that you HAVE to read.


You can pick it up here:

I have even put together a website for our group of writers. If you would like to know more about the fabulously talented writers of this group please go here:

Ready, set, edit!

Yup I have done it. I have finished up the first draft of Escape. It is now sitting and perking for a few days before I go ahead and start the editing process. Topping out at 54,903 words before I start the edit, it is a novel (yes i know some of you think it is too short!) Now I will be going through, fixing typos, trying to get the grammar right, placing those dratted commas I always miss and if necessary adding or deleting part of the text that does not work for me.

At the same time i am working on the editing stage of my next collection, Echoes of Elder Times. Not the biggest of my collections at only 23.638 words so far, but it contains all of the Echoes stories so far released. Like with my other collections (that i released that is) there will be commentary about the stories, notes if you will. I hope to have it finished up by the end of September. Work on the cover will be my main focus for the next few days. I have a fun image but the text or font is just not right and I plan on playing around till it is in photoshop.

In a day long spreadsheet binge I totaled up my finished works (mostly) and found I have really been writing hard over the past two years. With 840K+ in finished stories from drabbles to epics, I have been writing hard and fast. Yes, some of my work needs a professional edit, but for now i have to rely on all the editing programs I can find and the good friends who are willing to beta read for me. Someday every single novel and collection will be professionally edited by at least three people but that won’t happen till I start making serious sales.

Next week I will have hopefully worked out the next project I will dive into headfirst. As many of you know I have a very large file of work in progress that i need to clean out. I never throw out the old partial stories and ideas I have because I never know when the bones of an old tale will turn out to be something amazing. Where Angels No Longer Tread and To Save Face or Family both started out as something else entire, as did my current project, Escape. I will go more into that feature of writing over on Suteko’s Blog instead of here.

For now you can look forward to a new collection of previously sold as singles short stories with a surprise or two added in for fun. My Labor day sale got me all of two sales, so my prices are going back up.

For the next few months you can expect this for a pricing structure:

Short stores 99 cents

Novellas and shorter poetry collections $1.99

Novels and longer collections $2.99

Long poetry collection $5.49…this is because Love, Loss and Loneliness has fifty full color photographs in it

My two collections, Gates and Naughty Interludes, will stay at what ever price the publishers want them to be till I regain my rights to the tales inside them.